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Censorship : a world encyclopedia / Derek Jones, editor.


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Publication date:
London ; Chicago : Fitzroy Dearborn, c2001.
  • Book
  • 4 v. : ill. ; 29 cm.
  • Entries include: Afghanistan-- Advertising-- Aristotle-- Art, Design, and Barbie-- Bad Language-- Baudelaire, Charles-- Beatles, The-- Bible, The-- Book Burning-- Calvin, John-- Chaplin, Charles-- The Cold War-- Darwin, Charles-- Enlightenment, The-- Erasmus, Desiderius-- Federal Bureau of Investigation-- Frank, Anne-- Ginsberg, Allen-- Griffith, D.W.: The Birth of a Nation-- Haiti-- Heresy-- Homosexual and Lesbian Expression-- Humanism, Renaissance-- Inquisition-- International Committee for Artists' Freedom-- Jefferson, Thomas-- Judaism 1: Censorship in the Biblical Tradition-- Kubrick, Stanley: A Clockwork Orange-- Literature and the Law-- Luther, Martin-- Mafia, The-- Mann, Thomas-- Miller, Arthur-- Moliere-- Moral Reformers and Pressure Groups-- Nickelodeons-- Northern Ireland-- Odets, Clifford: Waiting for Lefty-- O'Neill, Eugene-- Picasso, Pablo-- Plato-- Pornography-- Quakers (The Religious Society of Friends)-- Race and IQ-- Rambo films-- Sade, Marquis de-- Sedition and the Public Order-- Sexism and Sexual Harassment-- Shakespeare in U.S. Schools-- Singapore-- Television-- Totalitarianism-- Underground Press-- V-chip-- Wilde, Oscar-- Zola, Emile-- and many more.
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Publisher's Summary:
This Encyclopedia is the most ambitious and comprehensive ever published on its subject; some 600 contributors from around the world have ensured the most wide-ranging and up-to-date coverage possible. The 1550 entries offer a comprehensive view of censorship, from Ancient Egypt to those modern societies that claim to have abolished the practice. For each country in the world, the history of censorship is described and placed in context, and the media censored are examined: art, internet, literature, music, the press, popular culture, radio, television, and the theatre (not to mention the censorship of language, the most fundamental censorship of all). Also included are surveys of major controversies and chronicles of resistance. Censorship: A World Encyclopedia is an essential reference for students of the many subjects affected by censorship, and for all who are interested in the history and contemporary fate of freedom of expression.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Jones, Derek.

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