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A companion to film theory / edited by Toby Miller and Robert Stam.


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Publication date:
Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, 1999.
  • Book
  • vi, 428 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Introduction: Toby Miller. 2. Authorship: James Naremore. 3. Genre: Sarah Berry. 4. Enunciation and Narration: Andre Gaudreault and Francois Jost. 5. Film Editing: Lucy Fischer. 6. Film Semiotics: Warren Buckland. 7. Cognitivism: Greg Currie. 8. Psychoanalysis: Richard Allen. 9. Spectatorship and Subjectivity: E. Deidre Pribram. 10. Laura Mulvey Meets Cathrine Tramell Meets the She-Man: Counter-History, Reclamation, and Incongruity in Lesbian, Gay, and Queer Film and Media Criticism: Julia Erhart. 11. Is There Class in this Text? : The Repression of Class in Film and Cultural Studies: David James. 12. Culture Industries: Douglas Kellner. 13. The Political Economy of Film: Janet Wasko. 14. The Work of Theory in the Age of Digital Transformation: Henry Jenkins. 15. Cultural Exchange: Tom O'Regan. 16. Anthropology for the World: Mass Media: Faye Ginsburg. 17. Psycho's Bad Timing: The Sensual Obsessions of Film Theory: Toby Miller. 18. Historical Allegory: Ismail Xavier. 19. Every Picture Tells a Story: Jose Guadalupe Posada's Photocinematic Graphic Art: Charles Ramirez Berg. 20. On "Historical Poetics, " Narrative, and Interpretation: Ira Bhaskar. Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
This volume of specially commissioned work by experts in the field of film studies provides a comprehensive overview of the field. Its international and interdisciplinary approach will have a broad appeal to those interested in this multifaceted subject. This major film theory collection: Represents material under a variety of headings, including class, race, gender, queer theory, nation, stars, ethnography, authorship, and spectatorship Offers an international approach to the subject, including coverage of topics such as genre, image, sound, editing, postmodernism, culture industries, early cinema, classical Hollywood, and TV relations and technology Includes concise chapter-by-chapter accounts of the background and current approaches to each topic, followed by a prognostication on the future Considers cinema studies in relation to other forms of knowledge, such as critical studies, anthropology, and literature. A Companion to Film Theory provides the ideal reference source for students of film theory in departments of cultural studies, media studies, literature, and sociology.
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Miller, Toby, 1958-
Stam, Robert, 1941-
Blackwell companions in cultural studies 1.

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