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Bridge engineering handbook / edited by Wai-Fah Chen and Lian Duan.



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Publication date:
Boca Raton [Fla.] : CRC Press, c2000.
  • Book
  • 1 v. (various pagings) : ill., 1 map ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Fundamentals Conceptual Bridge Design, M.S. Troistky Aesthetics - Basics, Fritz Leonhardt Aesthetics - Structural Art, David P. Billington, Gordon Y.S. Wu, and Fred Gottemoeller Planning of Major Fixed Links, K.H. Ostenfeld, D.L. Hommel, D. Olsen, and L. Hauge Design Philosophies for Highway Bridges, John M. Kulicki Highway Bridge Loads and Load Combination, Susan E. Hida Structural Theory, Xila Liu and L. Zhang Structural Modeling, Alex Krimotat and L. Sheng Superstructure Design Reinforced Concrete Bridges, Jyouru Lyang, Donald Lee, and John Kung Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Lian Duan, Kang Chen, and Andrew Tan Segmental Concrete Bridges, Gerard Sauvageot Steel-Concrete Composite I-Girder Bridges, Lian Duan, Yusuf Saleh, and Steve Altman Steel-Concrete Composite Box Girder Bridges, Yusuf Saleh and Lian Duan Orthotropic Deck Bridges, Alfred R. Mangus and Shawn Sun Horizontally Curved Bridges, A. Itani and M. Reno Truss Bridges, John M. Kulicki Arch Bridges, Gerard Fox Suspension Bridges, Atsushi Okukawa, Shuichi Suzuki, and Ikuo Harazaki Cable-Stayed Bridges, Man-Chung Tang Timber Bridges, K.J. Fridley Movable Bridges, Michael J. Abrahams Floating Bridges, M. Myint Lwin Railroad Bridges, D.F. Sorgenfrei and W.N. Marianos Deck System and Approach Slabs, Mike Keever and John Fujimoto Expansion Joints, Ralph J. Dornsife Substructure Design Bearings, Johnny Feng and Hong Chen Piers and Columns, Jinrong Wang Towers, Chuck Seim Abutments and Retaining Structures, Linan Wang and Chao Gong Geotechnical Considerations, Thomas W. McNeilan and James Chai Shallow Foundations, James Chai and Bruce Kutter Deep Foundations, Y.Z. Ma and H. Deng Seismic Design Geotechnical Earthquake Consideration, S. Kramer and C. Scawthorn Earthquake Damages to Bridges, Jack P. Moehle and Marc O. Eberhard Dynamic Analysis, R. Bavirisetty, M. Vinayagamoorthy and Lian Duan Nonlinear Analysis of Bridge Structures, Mohamed Akkari and Lian Duan Seismic Design Philosophy and Performance-based Design Criteria, Lian Duan Seismic Design of Concrete Bridges, Yan Xiao Seismic Design of Steel Bridges, C.M. Uang, K.C. Tsai, and M. Bruneau Seismic Retrofit Practices, James Roberts and Brian Maroney Seismic Isolation and Energy Dispassion, Rihui Zhang Soil-Structure-Foundation Interaction, Wen S. Tseng and Joseph Penzien Seismic Retrofit Technology, Kevin I. Keady, Fadel Alameddine, and Thomas E. Sardo Seismic Design Practices in Japan, Shigeki Unjoh Construction and Maintenance Steel Bridge Construction, Jackson L. Durkee Concrete Bridge Construction, Simon Blank, Michael Blank, and Luis R. Luberas Substructures of Major Overwater Bridges, Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. Construction Inspection, Mahmoud Fustok and Masoud Alemi Maintenance Inspection and Rating, M. Vinayagamoorthy Strengthening and Rehabilitation, F.W. Klaiber and T.J. Wipf Special Topics Applications of Advanced Composites, J.M. Plecnik Effective Length of Compression Members, L. Duan and W.F. Chen Fatigue and Fracture, R.J. Dexter and J.W. Fisher Weight Distribution of Steel Bridges, S. Toma Weight-In-Motion Measurement of Trucks on Bridges, Andrezj Nowak and S. Kim Impact Effects of Moving Vehicles, M.X. Duan, P. Perdikaris, and W.F. Chen Wind Effects on Long-Span Bridges, C.S. Cai and Serge Montens Cable Tension Adjustment and Construction Control, D.J. Han and Q.S. Yan Active Control in Bridge Engineering, Z.G. Wu Vessel Collision Analysis and Design, M. Knott and Z Prucz Bridge Hydraulics, James Springer and Ke Zhou Sound Walls and Railings, Fartiz Lackpour and Fuat Guzaltan Worldwide Practice Design Practice in China, Guo-Hao Li and Ru-Cheng Xiao Design Practice in Europe, Jean Muller Design Practice in Japan, Masatsugu Nagai, Tetsuya Yabuki and S. Suzuki Design Practice in Russia, Simon Blank, V. Seliverstov, and O.A. Popov Evolution of Bridges in the United States, Norman Root.
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Publisher's Summary:
An international team of experts has joined forces to produce the "Bridge Engineering Handbook". They address all facets - the planning, design, inspection, construction, and maintenance of a variety of bridge structures - creating a must-have resource for every bridge engineer.This unique, comprehensive reference provides the means to review standard practices and keep abreast of new developments and state-of-the-art practices. Comprising 67 chapters in seven sections, the authors present: Fundamentals: Provides the basic concepts and theory of bridge engineering; Superstructure Design: Discusses all types of bridges; Substructure Design: Addresses columns, piers, abutments, and foundations; Seismic Design: Presents the latest in seismic bridge design; Construction and Maintenance: Focuses on the practical issues of bridge structures; Special Topics: Offers new and important information and unique solutions; and Worldwide Practice: Summarizes bridge engineering practices around the world.You can discover virtually all you need to know about any type of bridge: Reinforced, Segmental, and Prestressed Concrete Steel beam and plate girder, Steel box girder, Orthotropic deck, Horizontally curved Truss, Arch Suspension, Cable-stayed Timber, and Movable Floating Railroad. Special attention is given to rehabilitation, retrofit, and maintenance, and the "Bridge Engineering Handbook" offers over 1,600 tables, charts, and illustrations in ready-to-use format. An abundance of worked-out examples give readers step-by-step design procedures and the section on Worldwide Practice provides a broad and valuable perspective on the 'big picture' of bridge engineering.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
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Chen, Wai-Fah, 1936-
Duan, Lian.

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