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A companion to business ethics / edited by Robert E. Frederick.



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Publication date:
Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers, 1999.
  • Book
  • xvi, 464 p. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 409-421) and index.
  • List of Contributors.Preface.Part I: Business Ethics and Normative Theories:1. A Kantian Approach to Business Ethics: Norman E. Bowie.2. Utilitarianism and Business Ethics: Milton Snoeyenbos and James Humber.3. Business Ethics and Virtue: Robert C. Solomon.4. Social Contract Approaches to Business Ethics: Bridging the Gap: Thomas W. Dunfee and Thomas Donaldson.5. Business Ethics and the Pragmatic Attitude: Douglas R. Anderson.6. An Outline of Ethical Relativism and Ethical Absolutism: Robert E. Frederick.7. Feminist Theory and Business Ethics: Robbin Derry.8. Business Ethics in a Free Society: Tibor R. Machan.9. Nature and Business Ethics: William C. Frederick.10. Toward New Directions in Business Ethics: Some Pragmatic Pathways: Sandra B. Rosenthal and Rogene A. Buchholz.11. Business Ethics: Pragmatism and Postmodernism: R. Edward Freeman and Robert A. Phillips.Part II: Business Ethics and the Business Disciplines:12. Ethics in Management: Archie B. Carroll.13. Finance Ethics: John R. Boatright.14. Ethics in the Public Accounting Profession: Mohammed J. Abdolmohammadi and Mark R. Nixon.15. Marketing Ethics: George G. Brenkert.16. Law, Ethics and Managerial Judgement: Lynn S. Paine.17. Business Ethics and Economics: Diane L. Swanson.18. Business Ethics and the Social Sciences: Linda Klebe Trevino.Part III: Issues in Business Ethics:19. International Business Ethics: Richard T. De George.20. Corporate Moral Agency: John R. Danley. 21. Employee Rights: Ronald Duska.22. Business Ethics and Work: Questions for the Twenty-First Century: Joanne B. Ciulla.23. Business' Environmental Responsibility: Joseph R. Desjardins.24. Business Ethics and Religion: Ronald M. Green.25. Social Responsibility and Business Ethics: Rogene A. Buchholz and Sandra B. Rosenthal.Part IV: Business Ethics: Origins and Contemporary Practice:26. Business Ethics and the Origins of Contemporary Capitalism: Economics and Ethics in the Work of Adam Smith and Herbert Spencer: Patricia H. Werhane.27. A Brief History of American Business Ethics: Thomas F. McMahon.28. Business Ethics in Europe: a Tale of Two Efforts: Henk Van Luijk.29. Ethics and the Regulatory Environment: Jeffrey M. Kaplan and Rebecca S. Walker.30. A Passport for the Corporate Code: from Borg Warner to the Caux Principles: Lisa H. Newton.31. Investigations and Due Process: Joan Elise Dubinsky.32. Ethics and Corporate Leadership: Keith Darcy.Bibliography.Appendix A: Business Ethics: Electronic Resources.Appendix B: Domestic and International Business Ethics rganizations.Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
In a series of articles specifically commissioned for this volume, some of today's most distinguished business ethicists survey the main areas of interest and concern in the field of business ethics. Sections of the book cover topics such as the often uneasy relationship between business ethics and capitalism, the link between business ethics and ethical theory, how ethics applies to specific problems in the business world, the connection between business ethics and related academic disciplines, and the practice of business ethics in modern corporations.The book can be used as a comprehensive text for introductory or advanced courses in business ethics, as a reference for teachers and writers in the field, or as a guide for other academic or business persons who wish to become familiar with the central issues in the field. To enhance its usefulness, the volume includes bibliographies of the relevant literature and a list of internet sources for material on business ethics, and an extensive index.
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Frederick, Robert.
Blackwell companions to philosophy ; 17.

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