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Applications of kinetic modelling / edited by R.G. Compton, G. Hancock.



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Publication date:
1st ed. - Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, 1999.
  • Book
  • xxii, 714 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Interaction of theory and experiment in reaction kinetics / R.A. Marcus
  • The application of approximate analytical models in the development of modified electrodes for NADH oxidation / P.N. Bartlett and E.N.K. Wallace
  • Electrochemistry of DNA / A.M. Oliveira Brett, S.H.P. Serrano and A.J.P. Piedade
  • Kinetic modeling and the skin / J. Hadgraft
  • Electron transport and two-dimensional organization of metalloprotein absorbates investigated by cyclic voltammetry and in situ scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy / E.P. Friis, J.E.T. Andersen, L.L. Madsen, P. Møller, M.H. Thuesen, N.H. Andersen and J. Ulstrup
  • The kinetics of the partitioning of compounds between octanol and water, and its relationship to the movement of molecules in biological systems / P.R. Fisk, M.G. Ford and P. Watson
  • Redox mediated whole cell biosensors for toxicity assessment and environmental protection / B.G.D. Haggett
  • Photoelectrochemical kinetics at semiconductor electrodes / L.M. Peter
  • Kinetic modeling of electron transfer processes in colloidal semiconductor photocatalysis / C. Boxall
  • Hydrodynamic modulation methods in electrochemistry / D.E. Williams and J.V. Macpherson
  • AC impedance spectroscopy of polymer films - an overview / A.R. Mount and M.T. Robertson
  • Kinetic applications of the electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance / E.J. Calvo and R.A. Etechenique
  • Visualizing ion and solvent transfer processes in electroactive polymer films / S. Bruckenstein, A.R. Hillman and H.L. Bandey
  • Ab initio prediction of the performance of membrane separation processes / W.R. Bowen, N. Hilal, M. Jain, R.W. Lovitt, A.W. Mohammad, A.O. Sharif, P.M. Williams and C.J. Wright
  • A new approach to the prediction of diffusion coeffcients / P.R. Fisk and P. Jonathan
  • Electrode reactions in microvolumes / C.M.A. Brett
  • Some kinetic considerations of chemical vapour deposition processes / M.L. Hitchman
  • The mechanism of methanol electro-oxidation / A. Hamnett
  • Spontaneous formation and breakdown of vesicles in aqueous media / M. Misran, S. Bucak, and B.H. Robinson.
Compton, R. G.
Hancock, G. (Gus)
Comprehensive chemical kinetics v. 37.

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