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Women's athletics at Stanford collection, 1971-1995.



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These papers were largely collected by Marjorie Shuer and include video tapes, audio tapes, and research notes from an oral history project; and miscellaneous correspondence, questionnaires, clippings, and memorabilia. The video tapes are interviews with Joseph H. Ruetz, Athletic Director at Stanford University from 1972 to 1978, and with Rosamond Clarke Bacon and Paula Burr, both members of the class of 1930 and active in student athletics; the audio tapes include interviews with Richard Lyman, Stanford University President during the 1970s, Shirley Schoof, Sherri Posthumous, Barbara Gelpi, Myra Strober, Jing Lyman, and Iris Litt. The research notes were compiled by Jennifer Dalton, Laura Hayward, and Renee Pavelski. Subjects include the strengthening and developing of women's athletics during and after the merger of the athletic and physical education departments (1972); and student and athletic experiences of the 1930s, including the Women's Athletic Association. Both Bacon and Burr discuss taking courses with Dr. Clelia Mosher. Bacon also talks about her house on campus and the removal of faculty housing during the construction of the Law School. Other items include letters to Jon Denney, 1995, from Stanford female athletes active prior to the passage of Title IX; letters to Marjorie Shuer, 1986 and 1993; two questionnaires on Stanford sports; programs from the Block S Awards honoring women athletes at Stanford, 1995; and class papers by Jennifer Dalton, Laura Hayward, and Renee Pavelski, 1995.
Gifts of Marjorie Shuer, Jennifer Dalton, and Laura Hayward, 1995, 1998.

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