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De situ Dunelmi : manuscript poem.


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Uniform Title:
English, Old (ca. 450-1100). In Anglo-Saxon with a Latin translation in the second column.
Earliest possible date:
Latest possible date:
[ca. 1660].
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  • 5 pages
20 lines of Old English alliterative verse describing the city of Durham, England, and mentioning St. Cuthbert and the Venerable Bede. Following the poem are 2 1/2 lines in prose relating to St. Cuthbert. Dealer's correspondence with Neil Ker, a paper by Donald K. Fry, "A newly discovered version of the Old English poem DURHAM, " 1992; and a paper by Daniel Paul O'Donnell, "Junius's knowledge of the Old English poem DURHAM, " accompany the text.
Purchased, [1966?]
Neil Ker identifies the hand of the transcriber as that of Francis Junius, the leading Old English scholar of his day. It is not known where Junius obtained the text. There were two manuscript versions copied in the twelfth century: Cambridge, University Library, Ff. 1.27 (C), and London, British Library, Cotton Vitellius D. xx (V)., the latter almost completely destroyed in the Cottonian fire of 1731. Its version is known solely from George Hickes's 1705 edition (H.) This transcription is evidently based on a now-lost manuscript.
Junius, Franciscus, 1589-1677.

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