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Autograph legal document signed, 1480 September 2-28, Florence.


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Vespucci, Antonio, 1449-1534.
Latin, Italian. In Latin with a short note in Italian. Notorial cursive script.
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  • 1 item (228 lines): vellum roll in case; 171 x 25 cm. rolled to 25 x 8 cm.
Reported to: Bibliothèque Nationale pre-1600 manuscript census.
The document treats the disposition of property confiscated from the conspirators who rose up in the power struggle in April 1478, in which the Pazzi family and a few allies attacked Giuliano and Lorenzo de' Medici in the church of Santa Maria del Fiore. Giuliano was killed, Lorenzo slightly wounded, and as a result, most members of the Pazzi family were executed or, at best, exiled, and their properties confiscated. However, one prominent member of the Pazzi, Guglielmo, son of Antonio, remained loyal to the Medici and subsequently amassed great wealth. In this official act, the procurators and syndics of the Florentine Commune appointed to dispose of the property, sold certain pieces to various citizens (including members of the Frescobaldi and Cavalcanti families), for the account of Guglielmo d'Antonio.
Antonio Vespucci (1449-1534) was the brother of the famous explorer, Amerigo Vespucci. Both were sons of Anastasio and grandsons of another Amerigo. Both probably studied (Amerigo certainly did) under their uncle Giorgio Antonio, whose pupils also included Lorenzo de' Medici.
Purchased, 1978.

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