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NIST chemistry webbook [electronic resource].


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Publication date:
[Washington, D.C.] : National Institute of Standards and Technology, [1998]
  • Database
File Characteristics:
Computer data.
"WebBook system developed by P.J. Linstrom, general editor W.G. Mallard." Title from title screen.
  • Neutral thermochemical data / compiled by H.Y. Afeefy, J.F. Liebman, S.E. Stein
  • Condensed phase heat capacity data / compiled by E.S. Domalski, E.D. Hearing
  • Ionization energetics (IE, AE) data / compiled by S.G. Lias, et al.
  • Ionization energy data / evaluated by S.G. Lias
  • Negative ion energetics data / compiled by J.E. Bartmess
  • Proton affinity data / compiled and evaluated by E.P. Hunter, S.G. Lias
  • Vibrational and electronic energy level data / compiled by M.E. Jacox
  • Vibrational frequency data / compiled by T. Shimanouchi
  • Constants of diatomic molecules / compiled by K.P. Huber, G. Herzberg
  • Organometallic thermochemical data / compiled by J. A. Martinho Simões
  • Heat of sublimation data / compiled by J.S. Chickos
  • Boiling point data / compiled by R.L. Brown, S.E. Stein
  • Henry's law constants / compiled by R. Sander
  • Thermophysical properties of fluid systems / by E.W. Lemmon, M.O. McLinden, D.G. Friend
  • UV/visible spectra / compiled by V. Talrose, E.B. Stern, A.A. Goncharova, N.A. Messineva, N.V. Trusova, M.V. Efimkina
  • Names, structures, mass and IR spectra data / compiled by NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, S.E. Stein.
Provides thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data compiled by NIST under the Standard Reference Data Program.
Mode of access: Internet and World Wide Web.
Linstrom, Peter J.
Mallard, W. G.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.)
Included Work:
NIST thermophysical properties of fluid systems.
NIST standard reference database ; 69.


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