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The Oxford history of the British Empire / editor-in-chief, Wm. Roger Louis.



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Beginning date:
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998-
  • Book
  • v. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • List of Maps, List of Figures, List of Tables, Abbreviations and Location of Manuscript Sources, List of Contributors-- PART 1-- 1. Introduction: Britain and the Empire in the Nineteenth Century-- 2. Economics and Empire: The Metropolitan Context-- 3. Economics and Empire: The Periphery and the Imperial Economy-- 4. British Migration and the Peopling of the Empire-- 5. Migration from Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific-- 6. British Policy, Trade, and Informal Empire in the Mid-Nineteenth Century-- 7. Britain and Latin America-- 8. Britain and China 1842-1914-- 9. Imperial Institutions and the Government of Empire-- 10. Trusteeship, Anti-Slavery and Humanitarianism-- 11. Religion, Missionary Enthusiasm, and Empire-- 12. British Expansion, Empire, and Technological Change-- 13. Empire and Metropolitan Cultures-- 14. Scientific Exploration and Empire-- 15. Defence and Imperial Disunity-- 16. The Political Economy of Empire, 1880-1914-- PART 2-- 17. British Expansion and Rule in South-East Asia-- 18. India 1818-1860: The Two Faces of Colonialism-- 19. Imperial India, 1858-1914-- 20. The Evolution of Colonial Cultures: Nineteenth-Century Asia-- 21. The British West Indies-- 22. Ireland and the Empire-- 23. Canada from 1815-- 24. Australia and the Western Pacific-- 25. Southern Islands: New Zealand and Polynesia-- 26. Southern Africa, 1795-1910-- 27. Great Britain and the Partition of Africa, 1870-1914-- 28. The British Occupation of Egypt from 1882-- 29. Cultural Encounters: Britain and Africa in the Nineteenth Century-- 30. The British Empire: Costs and Benefits, Prosperity and Security, 1870-1914-- Chronology, Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
The Oxford History of the British Empire is a major new assessment of the Empire in the light of recent scholarship and the progressive opening of historical records. From the founding of colonies in North America and the West Indies in the seventeenth century to the reversion of Hong Kong to China at the end of the twentieth, British imperialism was a catalyst for far-reaching change. The Oxford History of the British Empire as a comprehensive study helps us to understand the end of Empire in relation to its beginning, the meaning of British imperialism for the ruled as well as for the rulers, and the significance of the British Empire as a theme in world history. Volume III of The Oxford History of the British Empire covers the long nineteenth century, from the achievement of American independence in the 1780s to the eve of world war in 1914. This was the period of Britain's greatest expansion as both empire-builder and dominant world power. The volume is divided into two parts. The first contains thematic chapters, some focusing on Britain, others on areas at the imperial periphery, exploring those fundamental dynamics of British expansion whcih made imperial influence and rule possible. They also examine the economic, cultural, and institutional frameworks whcih gave shape to Britain's overseas empire. Part 2 is devoted to the principal areas of imperial activity overseas, including both white settler and tropical colonies. Chapters examine how British interests and imperial rule shaped individual regions' nineteenth-century political and socio-economic history. Themes dealt with include the economics of empire, imperial institutions, defence, technology, imperial and colonial cultures, science and exploration. Attention is given not only to the formal empire, from Australasia and the West Indies to India and the African colonies, but also to China and Latin America, often regarded as central components of a British 'informal empire'.
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Louis, William Roger, 1936-
Canny, Nicholas P.

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