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The Jews of the Ottoman Empire / edited with an introduction by Avigdor Levy.


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Publication date:
Princeton, N.J. : Darwin Press ; Washington, D.C. : Institute of Turkish Studies, c1994.
  • Book
  • xvi, 783 p., [48] p. of plates : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 731-742) and index.
  • Jewish settlement in the Ottoman Empire / Avigdor Levy
  • The Ottoman-Jewish symbiosis in the fifteenth century / Avigdor Levy
  • The structure of the Jewish community / Avigdor Levy
  • The era of standstill and decline, 1580-1923 / Avigdor Levy
  • Ottoman Jewry in the modern era, 1826-1923 / Avigdor Levy
  • Jewish autonomy in the Ottoman Empire : its scope and limits ; Jewish courts from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries / Joseph R. Hacker
  • When did the Sephardim arrive in Salonica? : the testimony of the Ottoman tax-registers, 1478-1613 / Heath W. Lowry
  • Individual and community in the Jewish society of the Ottoman Empire : Salonica in the sixteenth century / Minna Rozen ; translated from the Hebrew by Goldie Wachsman
  • Organization and leadership in the Jewish community of Izmir in the seventeenth century / Jacob Barnai
  • Jewish quarters in the Arab-Islamic cities of the Ottoman Empire / Daniel J. Schroeter
  • Jewish-Christian relations in eighteenth-century Tiberias / David Wasserstein
  • French merchants and Jews in the Ottoman Empire during the eighteenth century / Thomas Philipp
  • Jew and Turk in Algiers in 1800 / C. Max Kortepeter
  • Jews, Muslims, and cholera : intercommunal relations in Baghdad at the end of the nineteenth century / Paul Dumont
  • Jewish population in the late Ottoman period / Justin McCarthy
  • Jewish population movements in the Ottoman Empire, 1862-1914 / Kemal H. Karpat
  • Millet politics : the appointment of a chief rabbi in 1835 / Avigdor Levy
  • The beginnings of westernization and community reform among Istanbul's Jewry, 1954-65 / Aron Rodrigue
  • Associational strategies in Ottoman Jewish society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Esther Benbassa ; translated from the French by Eric Fassin and Avigdor Levy
  • Jewish participation in there forms in Libya during the second Ottoman period, 1835-1911 / Rachel Simon
  • Jewish representation in the Ottoman parliaments / Hasan Kayalt
  • Jews in the young Turk movement to the 1908 revolution / M. Șükrü Hanioğlu
  • Ottomanism and Zionism during the second Constitutional Period, 1908-1915 / Ilber Ortayli ; translated from the Turkish by Ayșegül Acar
  • Relations between Jews and non-Jews in the late Ottoman Empire : some characteristics / Jacob M. Landau
  • The Waqwaq tree in the Turkish shadow-play theatre : Karagöz and the story of Esther / Ilhan Bașgöz
  • Jewish-Muslim acculturation in the Ottoman Empire : the evidence of ceremonial art / Vivian B. Mann
  • The material culture of Sephardic Jews in the western Ottoman Empire (nineteenth and twentieth centuries) / Esther Juhasz
  • Hakhamim, dervishes, and court singers : the relationship of Ottoman Jewish music to classical Turkish music / Paméla J. Dorn Sezgin
  • The Balat Quarter and its image : a study of a Jewish neighborhood in Istanbul / Marie-Christine Bornes-Varol ; translated from the French by Eric Fassin and Avigdor Levy
  • Some Jewish characters in modern Turkish literature / Nedim Gūrsel ; translated from the French by Eric Fassin and Avigdor Levy
  • The Responsa literature in the Ottoman Empire as a source for the study of Ottoman Jewry / Marc D. Angel
  • Ottoman sources for the history of Ottoman Jews : how important? / Amnon Cohen. (1770) / Fatma Müge Göc̦ek.
Publisher's Summary:
This volume is a major contribution to Jewish as well as to Ottoman, Balkan, Middle Eastern, and North African history. These twenty-eight original essays grew out of an international conference at Brandeis University Chr(45) the first ever to be convened specifically on this subject. Outstanding scholars from Israel, Turkey, Europe, and the United States contributed wide-ranging essays dealing with the Jewish communities of the Ottoman Empire, from the Balkans and Anatolia to Arabia, from Mesopotamia to North Africa. Presented here is an unusually broad historical canvas that brings together many different perspectives and viewpoints.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Levy, Avigdor.

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