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Bibliorum Sacrorum Latinæ versiones antiquæ : seu vetus Italica, et cæteræ quæcunque in codicibus mss. & antiquorum libris reperiri potuerunt: quæ cum Vulgata Latina, & cum textu Græco comparantur. Accedunt præfationes, observationes, ac notæ, indexque novus ad Vulgatam e regione editam, idemque locupletissimus. / Opera & studio d. Petri Sabatier.


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Uniform Title:
Bible. Latin. Old Latin. 1743.
Reprint/reissue date:
Original date:
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepolis, 1981.
  • Book
  • 3 v. ; 38 cm.
Original imprint: Remis, Apud Reginaldus Florentain, 1743. Colophon, v.3: E prelo exiit hic tomus anno 1749. Reprint of: Signatur 2 ̊B. lat. l86, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München. Title vignettes; head and tail pieces: initials. Index codicum manuscriptorum quibus Petrus Sabatier usus est: p. [1-5] at end of v.3, comp. by P. Bonifatius Fischer. The Vulgate and Old Latin versions in parallel columns, in different type, with marginal and foot-notes. Three versions of the Psalms are given, Jerome's version from the Hebrew as well as the Vulgate. Continued after Sabbathier's death under the care of Vincent de La Rue. Still the most extensive collection of Old Latin versions, which exist only in fragments, compiled from manuscripts and the writings of the Fathers. cf. British and Foreign Bible Society Hist. Cat. of Printed Bibles, pt. III. no. 6263; Hastngs, Dict. of the Bible, etc.
Sabatier, Pierre, 1682-1742, ed.
Fischer, Bonifatius, 1915-
La Rue, Vincent de, -1762 ed.
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Manuscript. Lat. l86.
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