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The urban order : an introduction to cities, culture, and power / John RennieShort.


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Short, John R.
Publication date:
Cambridge, MA : Blackwell Publishers, 1996.
  • Book
  • 506 p.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Introduction. Part I: The City and Economy: 2. Cities and Economic Development. 3. The Urbanization of the Economy. 4. The City and the Global Economy. 5. The Political Economy of Urbanization. 6. Capital, Labor and the City-- Case Study 1: Part 1. 7. Capital, Labor and the City: Case Study 1: Part 2. 8. Yuppies, Yuffies and the New Urban Order: Case Study II. Part II: The City and Society: 9. The Housing Market. 10. The Social Arena. 11. Life in the City. 12. The Political Arena. 13. Residential Mobility in the City: Case Study III. 14. Gender, Space and Power: Case Study IV. 15. Race, Ethnicity and the City: Case Study V. Part III: The Production of the City: 16. City as Investment. 17. City as Text. 18. City Images. 19. Reconstructing the Image of a City: Case Study VI. 20. Conflict and Compromise in the Built Environment: Case Study VII. 21. Postscript: Barcelona. Concluding Comments. Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
This is a comprehensive guide to the latest scholarship in urban studies. Traditional models, radical interpretations and post-modern concerns are synthesized in a readable, accessible and evocative account of the central issues of contemporary urbanism and city life. The book provides an account of urban dynamics throughout the world and exemplifies the most revealing perspectives and current ideas on the city, urban economics, urban social structure and semiotics of the built environment.Urban geography is in desperate need of a textbook that characterizes the field of something much richer than that produced by the positivist epistemology of the 1960s. In its themes and organizational framework, in its approach and in its breadth of coverage, this book is set to fulfil that need.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)

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