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Semigroup theory and its applications : proceedings of the 1994 conference commemorating the work of Alfred H. Clifford / edited by Karl H. Hofmann, Michael W. Mislove.



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Publication date:
New York : Cambridge University Press, 1996.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • 165 p.
Proceedings of the Conference on the Theory of Semigroups and its Applications, held at Tulane University in Mar. 1994.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • 1. Reminiscences of a friendship D. Miller-- 2. Clifford's work on unions of groups G. Preston-- 3. A survey on totally ordered semigroups K. Hofmann and J. Lawson-- 4. The relationship of Clifford's work to the current theory of semigroups J. Rhodes-- 5. Bands of semigroups B. Schein-- 6. Isbell's zigzag theorem and its consequences J. Howie-- 7. Maps implicit in the Jordan-Holder theorem A. Gleason-- 8. Finite semigroups as categories, ordered semigroups or compact semigroups J.-E. Pin-- 9. Principles underlying the degeneracy of models, the untyped lambda calculus K. Hofmann and M. Mislove-- 10. Special involutions W. D. Munn.
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Publisher's Summary:
This volume contains survey papers by the invited speakers at the Conference on Semigroup Theory and Its Applications which took place at Tulane University in April, 1994. The authors represent the leading areas of research in semigroup theory and its applications, both to other areas of mathematics and to areas outside mathematics. Included are papers by Gordon Preston surveying Clifford's work on Clifford semigroups and by John Rhodes tracing the influence of Clifford's work on current semigroup theory. Notable among the areas of application are the paper by Jean-Eric Pin on applications of other areas of mathematics to semigroup theory and the paper by the editors on an application of semigroup theory to theoretical computer science and mathematical logic. All workers in semigroup theory will find this volume invaluable.
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Clifford, A. H. (Alfred Hoblitzelle), 1908-
Hofmann, Karl Heinrich.
Mislove, Michael W.
Conference on the Theory of Semigroups and its Applications (1994 : Tulane University)
London Mathematical Society lecture note series 231

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