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New feminist art criticism : critical strategies / edited by Katy Deepwell.


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Manchester ; New York : Manchester University Press ; New York : Distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press, c1995.
  • Book
  • xv, 201 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • Part 1 Between theory and practice: The artist, the critic and the academic - feminism's problematic relationship with theory, Janet Wolff-- post-feminism? - feminist art publishing in the 1980s, Frances Borzello-- the sphinx contemplating Napoleon - black women artists in Britain, Gilane Tawadros-- reading between the lines - the imprinted spaces of Sutapa Biswas, Moira Roth-- modernism, art education and sexual difference, Pen Dalton-- eyewitnesses, not spectators, activists, not academics - feminist pedagogy and women's creativity, Val Walsh. Part 2 Curatorship and the art world: exhibiting strategies, Debbie Duffin-- the situation of women curators, Elizabeth MacGregor-- afterthoughts on curating - the subversive stitch, Pennina Barnett-- the cult of the individual, Fran Cottell-- on women dealers in the art world, Maureen Paley. Part 3 On the question of censorship: where do we draw the line? - an investigation into the censorship of art, Anna Douglas-- women's movements - feminism, censorship and performance art, Sally Dawson-- why have there been no great women pornographers?, Naomi Salaman. Part 4 The engagement with psychoanalysis: just jamming - Irigaray, painting and psychoanalysis, Christine Battersby-- border crossings - womanliness, body, representation, Hilary Robinson-- on the subject of history, Mary Kelly-- models of painting practice - too much body?, Joan Key-- text and textiles - weaving across the borderlines, Janis Jefferies-- kinda art, sorta tapestry - tapestry as shorthand access to the definitions, languages, institutions, attitudes, hierarchies, ideologies, constructions, classifications, histories, prejudices and other bad habits of the West, Ann Newdigate-- sewn constructions, Dinah Prentice-- Penelope and the unravelling of history, Ruth Scheuing.
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Publisher's Summary:
This text reviews feminist art strategies as they emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s in America and the UK. It draws together the views of prominent practitioners, critics, academics and curators on a broad range of controversial issues. The central focus of the book is feminism's engagement with psychoanalysis and post-modernism and its aim of deconstructing the borders between art and craft, and theory and practice. Feminist politics in the art world are also investigated through discussion of the negotiations of feminist curators, responses to feminist exhibitions, issues surrounding pornography and the censorship of women's work, and the role of feminist teaching on fine art and design degree courses. The book covers a variety of art work, including installation work, painting, textiles and photography.
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Deepwell, Katy, 1962-

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