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Medieval scholarship : biographical studies on the formation of a discipline / edited by Helen Damico, Joseph B. Zavadil.


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New York : Garland Pub., 1995-
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Laurence Nowell (1530-c.1570), Carl T. Berkhout-- George Hicks (1642-1715), Richard L. Harris-- Arni Magnusson (1663-1730), Olafur Halldorsson-- Humfrey Wanley (1672-1726), Milton McGatch-- Elizabeth Elstob (1683-1756), Kathyrn Sutherland-- Frederick James Furnivall (1825-1910), Derek Pearsall-- Walter William Skeat (1835-1912), Charlotte Brewer-- Gaston Paris (1839-1903), Gerard J. Brault-- Henry Sweet (1845-1912), Michael MacMahon-- Eduard Sievers (1850-1932), John C. Pope-- Eduard Rudolf Thurneysen (1857-1940), Hildegard L. Tristram-- Hippolyte Delehaye (1859-1941), Thomas J. Heffernan-- Alfred Jeanroy (1859-1953), William D. Paden-- George Lyman Kittredge (1860-1941), John McGalliard-- Joseph Bedier (1864-1938), William Kibler-- Axel Olrik (1864-1917), Lars Hemmingsen-- Andreas Heusler (1865-1940), Heinrich Beck-- John Matthews Manly (1865-1940) and Edith Rickert (1871-1938), Elizabeth Scala-- Edmund Kerchever Chambers (1866-1954), Kathleen Ashley-- Michele Barbi (1867-1941), Christoper Kleinhenz-- Max Forster (1869-1954), Hans Sauer-- Ramon Menendez Pidal (1869-1968), Colin Smith-- Ernst Robert Curtius (1886-1956), Klaus Ostheeren-- Roger Sherman Loomis (1887-1966), Sigmund Eisner-- Erich Auerbach (1892-1957), Lowry Nelson-- Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963), Derek Brewer-- Jean Frappier (1900-1974), Raymond Cornier-- N.R. Ker (1908-1982), Kevin S. Kiernan-- Rosemary Woolf (1925-1978), Helga Spevak-Husmann.
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Publisher's Summary:
This is the second of a three-volume set on medieval scholarship that presents original biographical essays on the scholars whose work has shaped medieval studies for the past 400 years. Volume Two covers the lives of 35 eminent individuals - from Laurence Nowell (1530-1570) to Rosemary Woolf (1925-1978) - whose subjects were the languages and literatures of Europe between 500 and 1500. Each of the scholars pioneered or revolutionized traditional views in fields such as archival studies, folklore and dialectology, and the selections discuss such topics as the chansons de geste, Chaucer, Dante, troubadour lyrics, Arthurian romance and Celtic literature. Though from a variety of fields, each work contributes to our understanding of our cultural and aesthetic heritage.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Damico, Helen.
Zavadil, Joseph B., -1992
Garland reference library of the humanities ; vol. 1350

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