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Latin literature : a history / Gian Biago Conte ; translated by Joseph B. Solodow ; revised by Don Fowler and Glenn W. Most.


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Uniform Title:
Letteratura latina. English
Conte, Gian Biagio, 1941-
Publication date:
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c1994.
  • Book
  • xxxiii, 827 p. ; 26 cm.
Translation of: Letteratura latina.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Publisher's Summary:
This authoritative history of Latin literature offers a comprehensive survey of the 1000-year period from the origins of Latin as a written language to the early Middle Ages. Serving as a reference work, a bibliographic guide, a literary study and a reader's handbook, "Latin Literature: A History" is the first work of its kind to appear in English in nearly four decades. From the first examples of written Latin through Gregory of Tours in the 6th century and the Venerable Bede in the 7th, "Latin Literature" offers a wide-ranging panorama of all major Latin authors. Including names, dated, edition citations, and detailed summaries, the work combines the virtues of an encyclopaedia with the critical intelligence readers have come to expect from Italy's leading Latinist, Gian Biagio Conte. Many of the entries those on Virgil and Petronius, for example - provide elegantly compact formulations of work on the very frontier of current study, and virtually all entries offer something of interest for the lay reader and expert alike. Gian Biagio Conte is the author of "Genres and Readers: Lucretius", "Love Elegy", Pliny's "Encyclopedia", also available from Johns Hopkins.
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