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The English hexapla : exhibiting the six important English translations of the New Testament Scriptures, Wyclif, M.CCC.LXXX.; Tyndale, M.D.XXXIV; Cranmer, M.D.XXXIX; Genevan, M.D.LVII; Anglo-Rhemish, M.D.LXXXII; Authorised, M.DC.XI.; the original Greek text after Scholz, with the various readings of the textus receptus and the principal Constantinopolitan and Alexandrine manuscripts, and a complete collation of Scholz's text with Griesbach's edition of M.DCCC.V; preceded by an historical account of the English translations.


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Uniform Title:
Bible. New Testament Greek. 1841.
Publication date:
London : S. Bagster, 1841.
  • Book
  • 167, [1160] p. ; 30 cm.
Greek text at top of page, English versions below, arranged in six parallel columns spread across two pages. "The 'Wiclif' follows a ms. representing the later Wycliffite version, which belonged ot the Duke of Sussex, and subsequently to the Earl of Ashburnham, The 'Tyndale' is a reprint of the edition of 1534 ... The 'Cranmer' is the first edition of the Great Bible, 1539 [ed. by Coverdale?] ... The 'Genevan' is Whittingham's Testament of 1557 ... The 'Anglo-Rhemism' is taken form the first edition of 1582... The 'Authorised' is apparently printed from a copy of the edition of 1613, 11." -- British and foreign Bible society. Historical catalogue. "An historical account of the English versions of the Scriptures" (p. [1]-160) was written by S.P. Tregelles. cf. British and foreign Bible Society. Historical catalogue.
Scholz, J. Martin Augustin (Johann Martin Augustin), 1794-1852.
Wycliffe, John, -1384
Tyndale, William, -1536
Whittingham, William, -1579
Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.
Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568
Tregelles, Samuel Prideaux, 1813-1875.
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Bible. New Testament English. 1841.

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