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Biochemical engineering and biotechnology handbook / Bernard Atkinson, Ferda Mavituna.


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Atkinson, Bernard, 1936-
Publication date:
2nd ed. - New York : Stockton Press, 1991.
  • Book
  • 1271 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes index.
  • Part One Properties of industrially important microorganisms: general classification of microorganisms-- macrocomposition of microorganisms-- examples of substances produced by microbial activity. Part Two Thermodynamic aspects of microbial metabolism: flow of energy in the biological world-- classification ofmicroorganisms by their carbon and energy sources-- cycling of matter in the biological world-- thermodynamic concepts in the analysis of biological systems. Part Three Stoichiometric aspects of microbial metabolism: importance of yield and yield coefficients-- relationship between amount of growth and substrate utilization-- composition of various microorganisms-- material balances for growth and product formation (stoichiometry). Part Four Microbial activity: monod equation-- time course of fermentation-- substrate utilization and nutrient requirements-- effect of oxygen on metabolism and stoichiometry. Part Five Product information: acetone butanol-- amino acids-- antibiotics-- butanediol/acetoin. Part Six Enzyme activity: nomenclature and classification-- general characteristics-- enzyme properties-- uses-- sources-- immobilized enzymes. Part Seven Reactors: design methodology-- batch reactors-- tinuous reactors containing freely suspended biomass. Part Eight Flow behaviour of fermentation fluids. Part Nine Gas-liquid mass transfer: solubility data-- experimental determination of dissolved oxygen concentrations-- stirred tanks. Part Ten Solid and liquid-phase mass transfer: nature of diffusional limitations-- biological rate equation-- lineweaver-burk plot of the biological rate equation. Part Eleven Heat transfer: importance of heat effects in biochemical processes-- general energy balance equation-- experimental determination of heat evolution during microbial reaction. Part Twelve Downstream process engineering: downstream processing problems-- broth processing-- product isolation. Part Thirteen Product recovery processes and unit operations: broth handling stages-- product recovery stages-- examples of innovation. Part Fourteen Processes: acetone butanol-- antibiotics-- carotenoids.
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Publisher's Summary:
This work is intended to assist the development of both large and small biotechnological processes by establishing for the unit processes and unit operations involved: (1) their scientific and engineering basis; (2) their performance and operating characteristics; (3) the factors which influence their performance (4) their integration into complete processes. Such information allows scientists and engineers: (1) to ensure the appropriateness of research and development in meeting overall process objectives; (2) to estimate the extent to which particular processes are sub-economic and the possibilities for research and development to change this situation; (3) to establish the appropriate methodology for particular process development; (4) to identify equipment needs. The handbook has been structured into fourteen chapters detailed contents of each chapter are given on p.v. and a brief glossary appears at the beginning of the chapter (as appropriate). Extensive sub-headings have been provided and these have been used to form the basis of an index (p. 1115). Within each chapter information has been presented predominantly as tables and figures so that those knowledgeable in a discipline appropriate to biotechnology can readily identify relevant subject matter. The emphasis is placed on the "what" and "how" of biological processes. For those who require detailed explanation of the "why" literature references and bibliography sources have been provided.
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Mavituna, Ferda, 1951-

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