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Handbook of language and social psychology / edited by Howard Giles and W. Peter Robinson.


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Publication date:
Chichester [England] ; New York : Wiley, c1990.
  • Book
  • ix, 618 p. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Part 1 Social psychology perspectives and language: social cognition and communication, C. Douglas McCann and Tory Higgins-- language and emotion, Ward M. Winton-- language and social influence, Michael Burgoon-- language and personality, Adrian Furnham. Part 2 Channels and their analysis: function and non-verbal behaviour in social interaction, Miles L. Patterson-- the communicative functions of paralanguage and prosody, Richard L. Street Jr-- the structure and organization of verbal and non-verbal behaviour - data for models of production, Joseph N. Cappella and Mark T. Palmer-- social psychology and discourse, Teun A. van Dijk. Part 3 the language of the self-disclosure, Thomas Holtgraves-- the many faces of facework, Karen Tracy-- interpersonal accountings, Michael J. Cody and Margaret L. McLaughlin-- language and deception, Howard S. Friedman and Joan S. Tucker-- language and control, Sik Hung Ng. Part 4 language and social categories: bilinguality and multilinguality, Itesh Sachved and Richard Bourhis-- ethnic identity, language and communication breakdowns, William B. Gudykunst and Stella Ting-Toomey-- social class, social status and communicative behaviour, Beth Haslett-- changing the complexion of gender in language research, Cheris Kramarae-- language and communication in mental handicap, Ivan Markova. Part 5 Language in social relations: language attitude and impression formation, James J. Bradac-- language in friendships, William W. Wilmot and Wesley N. Shellen-- models of marital interaction, Mary Anne Fitzpatrick-- language and later life, Nikolas Coupland and Justine Coupland. Section 6 Language used in applied contexts: language in education, John Edwards-- social psychological perspectives on second language acquisition, Robert C. Gardner and Richard Clement-- communication characteristics of provider-patient information exchange, Jacqueline J. Hinkley, Holly K. Craig and Lynda A. Anderson-- language and law - an overview of 15 years of research, Brenda Danet -- language and television, J.M. Wober.
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Publisher's Summary:
This text is designed to be a comprehensive handbook to scholarly developments in the study of the significance of language to aspects of social psychology. Subjects include language and emotion; social categories; applied contexts; social relations; behavioural analysis; interpersonal facework.
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Giles, Howard, 1946-
Robinson, W. P. (William Peter), 1933-

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