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Tracts and other papers relating principally to the origin, settlement, and progress of the colonies in North America, from the discovery of the country to the year 1776. Collected by Peter Force ...


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Force, Peter, 1790-1868.
Beginning date:
Ending date:
Washington, Printed by P. Force, 1836-46.
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  • 4 v. 26 cm. (v. 4, 24 cm.)
Vols. 3-4 printed by W. Q. Force. Vol. 1 was re-issued in 1839 as part of the first volume of Transactions of the American historical society. On verso of the special title-pages of v. 3-4: Force's Collection of historical tracts.
  • v. 1. no. 1. Montgomery, Sir. R. A discourse concerning the design'd establishment of a new colony to the south of Carolina. 1717.--no. 2. A brief account of the establishment of the colony of Georgia, under Gen. James Oglethorpe, February 1, 1733.--no. 3. [Stephens, W.] comp. A state of the province of Georgia attested upon oath ... November 10, 1740. 1742.--no. 4. Tialfer, P. A true and historical narrative of the colony of Georgia ... by P. Tailfer, H. Anderson, D. Douglas, and others. 1741--no.5. An account shewing the progress of the colony of Georgia ... Pub. by order of the ... Trustees. 1742.--no. 6. [Johnson, R.] Nova Britannia. 1609.--no. 7.[Johnson, R.] The new life of Virginea. 1612.--no. 8. The beginning, progress, and conclusion of Bacon's rebellion in Virginia ... 1675 and 1676.--no. 9. Cotton, Mrs. A. An account of our late troubles in Virginia. Written in 1676.--no. 10. Berkeley, Sir W. A list of those that have been executed for the late rebellion in Virginia.--no. 11. A narrative of the Indian and civil wars in Virginia ... 1675 and 1676.--no. 12. [Higginson, F.] New-England's plantation. 1630.--no. 13. C[astell], W. A petition of W. C. ... for the propagating of the gospel in America, and the West Indies. 1641.
  • v. 2, no. 1. Smith, J. A description of New England. 1616.--no. 2. Smith, J. New England's trials. 2d ed. 1622.--no. 3. The planters plea [ascribed to J. White] 1630.--no. 4. Dudley, T. Letter to the Countess fo Lincoln, March, 1631.--no. 5. Morton, T. New English Canaan. 1632 [!]--no. 6. Extract from a manuscript collection of annals relative to Virginia.--no. 7. [Plantagenet, B.] A description of the province of New Albion. 1648.--no. 8. A perfect description of Virginia. 1649.--no. 9. Virginia and Maryland. Or, The Lord Baltimore's printed case, uncased. 1655.--no. 10. [Yonge, F.] A narrative of the proceedings of the people of South-Carolina, in ... 1719. 1726.--no. 11. Purry, [J.P.] A description of the province of south Carolina , drawn up ... 1731.--no. 12. A description of Georgia, by a gentleman who has resided there. 1741.
  • v. 3, no. 1. A trve declaration of the estate of the colonie in Virginia ... Publ. by ... direction of the Councell of Virginia. 1610.--no. 2 [Strachey, W.] comp. For the colony in Virginia Britannia. Lavves diuine, morall and martiall, &c. 1612.--no. 3. [Jourdain, S.] A plaine description of the Barmvdas. 1613.--no.4. Nevves of Sir Walter Rauleigh ... Sent from a gentleman of his fleet. 1618.--no. 5. Virginia company of London. A declaration of the state of the colonie and affaires in Virginia. 1620.--no. 6.Virginia company of London. Orders and constitvtions. [1620]--no. 7. Shrigley, N.A true relation of Virginia and Mary-land. [1669]--no. 8. [Ward, N.] The simple cobler of Aggawam in America ... By T. de la Guard [pseud.] 1713.--no. 9. [Cotton, J.] comp. An abstract of the lawes of New England. 1641.--no.10. Norwood, [H.] A voyage in Virginia [in 1649]--no. 11. Williams, E. Virginia: more especially the south part thereof, richly and truly valued. 2d. ed. 1650.--no. 12. Clayton, J. A letter ... to the Royal society, May 12, 1688. Giving an account of ... Virginia.--no. 13. [Hartlib, S.] The reformed Virginia silk-worm. 1655.--no. 14. Hammond, J. Leah and Rachel, or, The two fruitful sisters Virginia and Mary-land. 1656.--no. 15. G., R. Virginia's cure. 1662.
  • v. 4, no. 1. Virginia richly valued, by the description of ... Florida ... Written by a Portugall gentleman of Eluas ... and tr. ... by R. Hacklvyt. 1609.--no.2. Hilton, W. A relation of a discovery lately made on the coast of Florida. 1644.--no. 3. Child, J. New Englands Jonas cast up at London. 1647.--no. 4. [Makaemie, F.] A narrative of a new and unusual American imprisonment of two Presbyterian ministers ... By a learner of law, and lover of liberty. 1707.--no. 5. Reck, [P. G. F.] von. An extract of the journals of Mr. Commissary von Reck ... and of the Reverend Mr. Bolzius. 1734.--no. 6. [Gorton, S.] Simplicities defence against seven-headed policy. 1646. 1646.--no. 7. Gorton, S. Letter to Nathaniel Morton ... June 30th, 1669.--no. 8. commission of King James the Second to sir Edmund Andros, June 3, 1686.--no. 10. Byfield, N. An account of the late revolution in New-England. 1689.--no. 11. A brief relation of the state of New England [ascribed to I. Mather] 1689.--no. 12. A relation of the colony of the Lord Baron of Baltimore ... A narrative of the voyage to Maryland, by Father A. White; and sundry reports, from ... Jesuits fathers of the colony.
On label on spine (v. 1-3): Historical tracts. Owner's autograph on t.-p. of v. 2: Jas. F. Haliday.

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