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Clavdii Ptolemaei Geographiae codex Vrbinas graecvs 82, phototypice depictvs consilio et opera cvratorvm Bibliothecae Vaticanae ...


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Uniform Title:
Geographia. Latin & Greek. 1932
Ptolemy, active 2nd century
Publication date:
Lvgdvni Batavorvm, apud E.J. Brill; Lipsiae, apud Ottonem Harrassowitz, 1932.
  • Book
  • 2 v. in 4. maps (part double) facsims. 35 cm. (vol. [II] pt. II: 75 cm.
Title Variation:
Claudii Ptolemaei Geographiae codex Vrbinas Graecus 82
Probably a 12th century manuscript of 111 leaves (an earlier pagination not including the blank guard leaf ("vorsteckblatt") enumerates 110 leaves) Written in double columns on both sides of leaf. In the manuscript (Urbinas 82) the map of the world is inserted in book 7, and the 26 maps of Europe, Asia and Africa are with book 8; in the facsimile, the maps form a separate volume. The maps are produced in the exact size of the original; the text on a slightly reduced scale.
"Bibliographie": v. [1] pt. 1, p. [491]-513.
  • Vol. I. Tomvs prodromvs Josephi Fischer, S.J., De Cl. Ptolemaei vita, operibvs, geographia praesertim eivsque fatis. Pars prior. Commentatio (3 p. l., [ix]-xvi, 605 p., 1 l.)--Pars altera. Tabvlae geographicae LXXXIII graecae, arabicae, latinae e codicibvs LIII selectae (3 p. l., [ix]-xii p., 1 l. [83] maps (facsims.) with 4 half-titles)--vol. II. Pars prior. Textvs cvm appendice critica Pii Franchi de Cavalieri (4 p. l., 37, [2] p., 1 l., facsim.: 78 l. (33 l. (blanks and maps) of original omitted))--Pars altera. Tabvlae geographicae; accedvnt tabvlae viginti septem codicis vaticani latini 5698, tres Vrbinatis graeci 83 (2 p. l., [vii]-viii p. 2 pl., LVII maps (facsims.) with 3 half-titles)
Stanford's copy, v. 2, pt. 2, verso of t.-p.: "Exemplar N." [unnumbered].
Fischer, Joseph, 1858-1944.
Franchi de' Cavalieri, Pius, 1869-1960.
Ptolemy, active 2nd century. Manuscript. Cod. vat. lat. 5698.
Ptolemy, active 2nd century. Manuscript. Cod. vat. Urb. graec. 82.
Ptolemy, active 2nd century. Manuscript. Cod. vat. Urb. graec. 83.
Codices e Vaticanis selecti qvam simillime expressi. [Series maior] ... vol. XVIIII
Codices e Vaticanis selecti v. 19.

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