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Latin for local history : an introduction / Eileen A. Gooder.


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Gooder, Eileen A.
Publication date:
2d ed. - London ; New York : Longman, 1978.
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  • 171 p. ; 22 cm.
  • 1. Introduction: do, terra 2. Cases-- dominus, filus, filia 3. Second-declension neuterspratum, messuagium, gender 4. Adjectives: declension and agreement-- predictus, dedi 5. Hic-- past perfect--confirmo 6. Second declension, cont, magister-- noster-- prepositions ( in, etc.) 7. Pronouns--ullus, alter, is etc. 8. Meus, suus, eius 9. Qui, que, quod-- second conjugation--habeo 10. Third declension nouns and adjectives 11. Fourth and fifth declensions 12. Participles, past and future, formation-- use of future participle 13. Future tense-- ego 14. Past (perfect) and future perfect 15. Present and past participles-- ablative absolute 16. Comparision of adjectives and adverbs-- verb 'to be' court rolls 17. Passive verbs-- deponents-- semi-deponents 18. Infinitives-- accusative and infinitive construction 19. The subjunctive-- formation and uses (1) 20. Uses of the subjunctive (2) 21. The gerund: formation and uses-- the gerundive: formation and uses (1) and (2).
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Publisher's Summary:
Latin for Local History provides a self-teaching guide for those historians who wish to tackle the language in which the majority of pre-eighteenth century historical records have been written. It is unique in dealing only with Latin found in historical records of the medieval period. Practice material and exercises are provided in the form of documents most commonly encountered by the historian in their research - deeds, charters, court rolls, accounts, bishops' registers and so on.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
A Longman paperback

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