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The archaeology of hybrid material culture / edited by Jeb J. Card.


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Annual Visiting Scholar Conference (26th : 2009 : Carbondale, Ill.)
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Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, [2013]
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  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • xiv, 510 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction / Jeb J. Card
  • Ceramic change in colonial Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Parsing hybridity: archaeologies of amalgamation in seventeenth-century New Mexico / Matthew Liebmann
  • Of earth and clay: Caribbean ceramics in the African Atlantic / Mark W. Hauser
  • Continuity and change in early eighteenth-century Apalachee colonowares / Ann S. Cordell
  • Italianate pipil potters: mesoamerican transformation of renaissance material culture in early spanish colonial San Salvador / Jeb J. Card
  • Worshipping with hybrid objects: assessing culture contact through use context / Melissa Chatfield
  • Ethnicity and material culture in Latin America.
  • Long-term patterns of ethnogenesis in indigenous Amazonia / Jonathan D. Hill
  • Classic Maya ceramic hybridity in the Sibun Valley of Belize / Eleanor Harrison-Buck, Ellen Spensley Moriarty, and Patricia A. McAnany
  • Hybrid cultures...and hybrid peoples: bioarchaeology of genetic change, religious architecture, and burial ritual in the colonial Andes / Haagen D. Klaus
  • A change of dress on the coast of Peru: technological and material hybridity in colonial Peruvian textiles / Carrie Brezine
  • Hybridity, identity, and archaeological practice / Kathleen Deagan
  • Culture contact and transformation in technological style.
  • The Châtelperronian: hybrid culture or independent innovation / Clare Tolmie
  • The industrious exiles: an analysis of flaked glass tools from the leprosarium at Kalawao, Molokai / James L. Flexner and Colleen L. Morgan
  • Innovation and identity: the language and reality of prehistoric imitation and technological change / Catherine J. Frieman
  • Bones, stones, and metal tools: experiments in middle Missouri bone working / Janet Lynn Griffitts
  • "Style" in crafting hybrid material culture on the fringes of empire: an example from the native North American midcontinent / Kathleen L. Ehrhardt
  • Materiality and identity.
  • The Kayenta diaspora and Salado meta-identity in the late precontact U.S. Southwest / Jeffery J. Clark, Deborah L. Huntley, J. Brett Hill, and Patrick D. Lyons
  • Small beginnings: experimental technologies and implications for hybridity / Katherine Hayes
  • Set in stone: on hybrid images and social relationships in prehistoric and Roman Europe / Christopher M. Roberts
  • Architectural spaces and hybrid practices in ancient northern Mesopotamia / Sevil Baltal Trpan
  • What, where, and when is hybridity / Stephen W. Silliman.
In recent years, archaeologists have used the terms hybrid and hybridity with increasing frequency to describe and interpret forms of material culture. Hybridity is a way of viewing culture and human action that addresses the issue of power differentials between peoples and cultures. This approach suggests that cultures are not discrete pure entities but rather are continuously transforming and recombining. The Archaeology of Hybrid Material Culture discusses this concept and its relationship to archaeological classification and the emergence of new ethnic group identities. This collection of essays provides readers with theoretical and concrete tools for investigating objects and architecture with discernible multiple influences.
Card, Jeb J.
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Center for Archaeological Investigations.
Occasional paper ; no. 39
Occasional paper (Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Center for Archaeological Investigations) ; no. 39.

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