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Analytical tools and industrial applications for chemical processes and polymeric materials / edited by Slavcho Kirillov Rakovsky, DSc, Ryszard Kozlowski, PhD, and Nekane Guarrotxena, PhD ; Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc, and A. K. Haghi, PhD Reviewers and Advisory Board Members.



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Toronto : Apple Academic Press, [2014]
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Methodologies on quantum-chemical calculation / V.A. Babkin and G.E. Zaikov
  • 2. Reactivity of tert-butyl ester 3-(3', 5'-di-tert-butyl-4'-hydroxyphenyl)-propionic acid in the reactions of oxidation / A.A. Volodkin, G.E. Zaikov, N.M. Evteeva, S.M. Lomakin, and N.N. Madyuskin
  • 3. Assessment of the potential of enhanced oil recovery from reservoirs with high water content using the heat of nitrate oxidation reactions and in situ hydrocarbon oxidation / E.N. Aleksandrov, P.E. Aleksandrov, N.M. Kuznetsov, A.L. Petrov, and V.Yu. Lidzhi-Goryaev
  • 4. Antioxidative efficiency terpenphenol at thermo-oxidative degradation polyvinyl chloride / R.M. Akhmetkhanov, S.V. Kolesov, I.T. Gabitov, I.Yu. Chukicheva, A.V. Kuchin, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 5. Photoinitiated copolymerization of bifunctional (meth) acrylates : kinetics and mechanism / G.I. Khovanets, Yu.G. Medvedevskikh, I.Yu. Yevchuk, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 6. Nanofibrous on the base of polyhydroxybutyrate / A.A. Olkhov, O.V. Staroverova, Yu.N. Filatov, G.M. Kuzmicheva, A.L. Iordansky, G.E. Zaikov, O.V. Stoyanov, and L.A. Zenitova
  • 7. Degradation of some films under UV-radiation / A.A. Olkhov, A.L. Iordansky, G.E. Zaikov, O.V. Stoyanov, L.A. Zenitova, and S.Yu. Sofina
  • 8. Polyolefin chlorine-containing rubbers : properties and applications / Yu.O. Andriasyan, I.A. Mikhaylov, A.L. Belousova, G.E. Zaikov, A.E. Kornev, and A.A. Popov
  • 9. Adhesion characteristics of ethylene copolymers / N.E. Temnikova, S.N. Rusanova, S.Yu. Sofina, O.V. Stoyanov, R.M. Garipov, A.E. Chalykh, V.K. Gerasimov, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 10. Oxidation of fibrinogen by ozone : effect of dihydroquercetin and cyclodextrin inclusion complex with the new dihydroquercetin derivative / V.S. Rogovsky, T.M. Arzamasova, M.A. Rosenfeld, M.L. Konstantinova, V.B. Leonova, S.D. Razumovsky, G.E. Zaikov, A.I. Matyoushin, N.L. Shimanovsky, A.M. Koroteev, S.E. Mosyurov, M.P. Koroteev, T.S. Kuhareva, and E.E. Nifantiev
  • 11. Industrial drying and evaporation systems / A.K. Haghi, and G.E. Zaikov Petronis
  • 12. Nanopatterned implants loaded with drugs / A.L. Iordanskii, S.Z. Rogovina, I. Afanasov, and A.A. Berlin.
Also available in print format.
Rakovsky, S. (Slavtcho), editor.
Koz?owski, R. (Ryszard), editor.
Guarrotxena, Nekane, editor.
Available in another form:
Print version: 9781926895666 (hardback)

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