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Handbook of urban education / edited by H. Richard Milner IV & Kofi Lomotey.


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New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014.
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  • Book
  • xxxviii, 560 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • SECTION I Psychology, Health, and Human Development
  • 1. Serving Vulnerable Children and Youth in the Urban Context / Elizabeth Thome-Wallington
  • 2. Liberating Urban Education for Human Freedom / La Toya Russell
  • 3. Health, Nutrition, and Physical Activity / Alexander Vigo-Valentin
  • SECTION II Sociological Perspectives
  • 4. Student Resilience in Urban America / Alaina Neal
  • 5. Ethnic-Matching in Urban Schools / Donald Easton-Brooks
  • 6. Urban Schools and the Black Male "Challenge" / Pedro A. Noguera
  • 7. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning People and Issues in Urban Education / Lance T. McCready
  • SECTION III Family and Community
  • 8. Parent Involvement for Urban Students and Youth of Color / William Jeynes
  • 9. Community and Family Involvement in Urban Schools / George L. Johnson, Jr.
  • 10. English Language Learners and Partnerships With Families, Communities, Teacher Preparation, and Schools / Luis C. Moll
  • SECTION IV Teacher Education and Special Education
  • 11. Teacher Preparation for Urban Schools / H. Richard Milner
  • 12. Grow Your Own Teachers for Urban Education / Eric Toshalis
  • 13. Latinalo Youth as Educational Researchers: Implications for Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools / Anjale DeVawn Welton
  • 14. Teacher Influences in the Racialization of Disabilities / Alfredo J. Artiles
  • 15. African American Students and Other Students of Color in Special Education / Wanda J. Blanchett
  • SECTION V Leadership, Administration, and Leaders
  • 16. Professional Identities of Urban School Principals / Samantha Paredes Scribner
  • 17. Urban School Leadership and Fit / Frank Gaines
  • 18. Black Students, Urban Schools, and Black Principals: Leadership Practices That Reduce Disenfranchisement / Kendra Lowery
  • SECTION VI Curriculum and Instruction
  • 19. Culturally Responsive Teaching Principles, Practices, and Effects / Geneva Gay
  • 20. Urban Mathematics Education / Gregory Vincent Larnell
  • 21. Urban Literacy Learning / David E. Kirkland
  • 22. Hip Hop Culture as a Teaching-Learning Tool in Urban Education / Jon A. Yasin
  • SECTION VII Policy and Reform
  • 23. Race, Research, and Urban Education / Gloria Ladson-Billings
  • 24. Evolving Landscape of School Choice in the United States / Mark Berends
  • 25. School Reform and School Choice / Kevin Lawrence Henry, Jr.
  • 26. Charter Schools and Urban Education Reform / Thandeka K. Chapman
  • 27. High-Stake Reforms and Urban Education / Linda C. Tillman.
"This volume brings together leading scholars in urban education to focus on inner city matters, specifically as they relate to educational research, theory, policy, and practice. Each chapter provides perspectives on the history and evolving nature of urban education, the current education landscape, and helps chart an all-important direction for future work and needs. The Handbook addresses seven areas that capture the breadth and depth of available knowledge in urban education: (1) Psychology, Health and Human Development, (2) Sociological Perspectives, (3) Families and Communities, (4) Teacher Education and Special Education, (5) Leadership, Administration and Leaders, (6) Curriculum & Instruction, and (7) Policy and Reform."-- Provided by publisher.
Milner, H. Richard.
Lomotey, Kofi.
Available in another form:
Online version: Handbook of urban education. New York : Routledge, 2013 9781136206009 (OCoLC)864138766

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