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Reclaiming writing : composing spaces for identities, relationships, and action / edited by Richard J. Meyer and Kathryn F. Whitmore.


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New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014.
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  • Book
  • xiv, 261 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Introduction: reclaiming writing / Richard J. Meyer and Kathryn F. Whitmore
  • 2. Shoshana learns to write: a longitudinal study / Yetta M. Goodman and Kenneth S. Goodman
  • Chapter 2 Extension: Reclaiming identities and learning to write / Bobbie Kabuto
  • 3. Artful bookmaking: learning by design / S. Rebecca Leigh
  • Chapter 3 Extension: The circus of design / S. Rebecca Leigh
  • 4. Learning to respond to writers' workshop / Allen Koshewa
  • Chapter 4 Extension: Learning authentic genres in a community of writers / Michael L. Shaw
  • 5. When the water goes bad and other essential reasons to argue and write about science in elementary classrooms / Lori Norton-Meier and Brian Hand
  • Chapter 5 Extension: Young mathematicians writing for real reasons / Elisa Waingort
  • 6. Teaching the joy of writing through wikis / Shannon Blady and Roxanne Henkin
  • Chapter 6 Extension: After-school technology possibilities / Lindsay Laurich and Kathryn F. Whitmore
  • 7. Supporting writers as they learn to spell: a holistic approach / Maryann Manning and Marilee Ransom
  • Chapter 7 Extension: Constructivist spelling, yes! constructivist grammar, too! / Sandra Wilde
  • 8. Reworking writing workshop / Kathryn Mitchell Pierce
  • Chapter 8 Extension: Creating gems of writing / Dick Koblitz
  • 9. Writing pictures, drawing stories: reclaiming multimodal composing in first grade / Prisca Martens ... [et al.]
  • Chapter 9 Extension: Reclaiming multimodal responses in fifth grade / Renita Schmidt
  • 10. Sing me a song of writing: transforming the writing curriculum with the help of one child's determination / Jane Baskwill
  • Chapter 10 Extension: Trusting students' visions for a participatory video project / Lenny Sanchez
  • 11. Using multiple languages to write with passion and purpose / Katie Van Sluys
  • Chapter 11 Extension: Translanguaging: a language space for multilinguals / Susana Ibarra Johnson and Richard J. Meyer
  • 12. Intentional moves to build community in writers' workshop / Amy Seely Flint and Sanjuana Rodriguez
  • Chapter 12 Extension: Uncovering children's expository writing within home and community lives / Charlene Klassen Endrizzi
  • 13. "Learning how to mean": writing and gardening in two urban schools / Patricia Paugh, Mary Moran, and Geoff Rose
  • Chapter 13 Extension: "So My grandpa knows what way to drive the tractor:" Children engage rural ways of knowing / Lori Norton-Meier
  • 14. Producing cultural imaginaries in the playshop / Karen Wohlwend and Carmen Liliana Medina
  • Chapter 14 Extension: The girls go to the '70s and the '80s: self-produced videos and play / Chuck Jurich and Richard J. Meyer
  • Chapter 15 Extension: Writing as designing: reclaiming the social and multimodal aspects of writing / Candace R. Kuby
  • 16. Democratic writing in video production: reclaiming the social nature of writing practices / Chuck Jurich and Richard J. Meyer
  • Chapter 16 Extension: Democratic writing and multiliteracies work in schools and community centers / Linda Skidmore Coggin and Carmen Liliana Medina
  • 17. Listening to compose spaces for identities, relationships, and actions / Richard J. Meyer and Kathryn F. Whitmore.
Meyer, Richard J., 1949-
Whitmore, Kathryn F., 1959-

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