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Advances in structured operator theory and related areas : the Leonid Lerer anniversary volume / Marinus A. Kaashoek, Leiba Rodman, Hugo J. Woerdeman, editors.



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Publication date:
Basel : Birkhäuser : Springer, c2013.
  • Book
  • xix, 246 p. : ill., 1 port. ; 25 cm.
Title Variation:
Leonid Lerer anniversary volume
Includes bibliography of Leonid Lerer. Includes bibliographical references.
  • Leonia Lerer's mathematical work and Amsterdam visits / M. A. Kaashoek
  • Leonia Lerer and my first visit to Israel / H. Bart
  • Through the eyes of a student / Irina Karelin
  • Reminiscences on visits to Haifa / André C. M. Ran
  • My first research experience / Hugo J. Woerdeman
  • Interpolation in sub-bergman spaces / Joseph A. Ball, Vladimir Bolotnikov
  • Zero sums of idempotents and Banach algebras failing to be spectrally regular / H. Bart, T. Ehrhardt, B. Silbermann
  • Fast inversion of Polynomial-Vandermonde matrices for polynomial systems related to order one Quasiseparable Matrices / T. Bella, Y. Eidelman, I. Gohberg
  • Long proofs of two Carlson-Schneider type inertia theorems / Harry Dym, Motke Porat
  • On the kernel and cokernel of some Toeplitz operators / Torsten Ehrhardt, Ilya M. Spitkovsky
  • Rational matrix solutions of a Bezout type equation on the half-plane / A. E. Frazho, M. A. Kaashoek, A. C. M. Ran
  • Inverting structured operators related to Toeplitz plus Hankel operators / M. A. Kaashoek, F. van Schagen
  • On the sign characteristics of selfadjoint matrix polynomials / Peter Lancaster, Ion Zaballa
  • Quadratic operators in Banach spaces and nonassociative Banach algebras / Yu. I. Lyubich
  • Strong stability of invariant subspaces of Quaternion matrices / Leiba Rodman
  • Determinantal representations of stable polynomials / Hugo J. Woerdeman.
Lerer, Leonid.
Rodman, L.
Kaashoek, M. A.
Woerdeman, Hugo J. (Hugo Jan), 1962-
Available in another form:
9783034806398 (online)
Operator theory, advances and applications, 0255-0156 ; Volume 237
Operator theory, advances and applications ; v. 237.

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