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Ecosystem services, biodiversity and environmental change in a tropical mountain ecosystem of south Ecuador / Jörg Bendix [and six others], editors.


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Publication date:
Berlin ; New York : Springer, [2013]
  • Book
  • xii, 440 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The study area / Michael Richter, Erwin Beck, R̈ütger Rollenbeck, and Jörg Bendix
  • Environmental changes affecting the Andes of Ecuador / Thorsten Peters, Thomas Drobnik, Hanna Meyer, Melanie Rankl, Michael Richter, Rütger Rollenbeck, Boris Thies, and Jörg Bendix
  • The challenges of sustainable development in the Podocarpus-El Cóndor Biosphere Reserve / Jan Barkmann, Sofia Eichhorn, Byron Maza, Frank v. Walter, and Roland Olschewski
  • The Research Unit RU 816 : overall approach in the light of the ecosystem services concept / Jan Barkmann, Boris M. Hillmann, and Rainer Marggraf
  • Landscape history, vegetation history, and past human impacts / Fernando Rodriguez, Achim Bräuning, Andrés Gerique, Hermann Behling, and Franziska Volland
  • Past dynamics of speciation in Andean mountain rainforests / Konrad Fiedler and Patrick Strutzenberger
  • Diversity in soil fungi, protists, and microarthropods / Matthias C. Rillig, Tessa Camenzind, Julia Gawlik, Ingeborg Haug, Valentyna Krashevska, Mark Maraun, Dorothee Sandmann, and Stefan Scheu
  • Plant diversity and its relevance for the provision of ecosystem services / Jürgen Homeier, Florian A. Werner, Julia Gawlik, Thorsten Peters, Karl-Heinz J. Diertl, and Michael Richter
  • Supporting, regulating, and provisioning hydrological services / Lutz Breuer, David Windhorst, Andreas Fries, and Wolfgang Wilcke
  • The carbon balance of tropical mountain forests along an altitudinal transect / Christoph Leuschner, Alexandra Zach, Gerald Moser, Jürgen Homeier, Sophie Graefe, Dietrich Hertel, Bärbel Wittich, Nathalie Soethe, Susanne Iost, Marina Röderstein, Viviana Horna, and Katrin Wolf
  • Current regulating and supporting services : nutrient cycles / Wolfgang Wilcke, Jens Boy, Ute Hamer, Karin Potthast, Rütger Rollenbeck, and Carlos Valarezo
  • Natural landslides which impact current regulating services : environmental preconditions and modeling / Jörg Bendix, Claudia Dislich, Andreas Huth, Bernd Huwe, Mareike Ließ, Boris Schröder, Boris Thies, Peter Vorpahl, Julia Wagemann, and Wolfgang Wilcke
  • Conservation, management of natural forests and reforestation of pastures to retain and restore current provisioning services / Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm, Maria Fernanda López, Andrés Gerique, Perdita Pohle, Patrick Hildebrandt, Thomas Knoke, Ximena Palomeque, Baltazar Calvas, Sven Günter, Nikolai Aguirre, and Daniel Kübler
  • Mycorrhiza networks promote biodiversity and stabilize the tropical mountain rain forest ecosystem : perspectives for understanding complex communities / Ingrid Kottke, Sabrina Setaro, Ingeborg Haug, Paulo Herrera, Dario Cruz, Andreas Fries, Julia Gawlik, Jürgen Homeier, Florian A. Werner, Andrés Gerique, and Juan Pablo Suárez
  • Current provisioning services : pasture development and use, weeds (bracken) and management / Kristin Roos, Jörg Bendix, Giulia F. Curatola, Julia Gawlik, Andrés Gerique, Ute Hamer, Patrick Hildebrandt, Thomas Knoke, Hanna Meyer, Perdita Pohle, Karin Potthast, Boris Thies, Alexander Tischer, and Erwin Beck
  • Current provisioning ecosystem services for the local population : landscape transformation, land use, and plant use / Perdita Pohle, Andrés Gerique, Maria Fernanda López, and Regine Spohner
  • Sustainable agriculture and conservation payments are key factors in mitigating tropical forest loss / Baltazar Calvas, Thomas Knoke, Luz Maria Castro, Patrick Hildebrandt, Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm, Reinhard Mosandl, Sven Günter, and Nikolai Aguirre
  • Climate change : effects on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning / Florian A. Werner, Nele Jantz, Valentyna Krashevska, Thorsten Peters, Hermann Behling, Mark Maraun, Stefan Scheu, and Gunnar Brehm
  • Global climate change impacts on local climate and hydrology / Lutz Breuer, Jean-François Exbrayat, Ina Plesca, Wouter Buytaert, Theresa Ehmann, Thorsten Peters, Edison Timbe, Katja Trachte, and David Windhorst
  • Impacts of local land-use change on climate and hydrology / David Windhorst, Brenner Silva, Thorsten Peters, Hanna Meyer, Boris Thies, Jörg Bendix, Hans-Georg Frede, and Lutz Breuer
  • Current and future variations of nutrient depositions and influences on tree growth / Rütger Rollenbeck, Insa Otte, Peter Fabian, Wolfgang Wilcke, Darwin Pucha Cofrep, Achim Bräuning, and Jörg Bendix
  • Nutrient additions affecting matter turnover in forest and pasture ecosystems / Ute Hamer, Karin Potthast, Wolfgang Wilcke, Hans Wullaert, Carlos Valarezo, Dorothee Sandmann, Mark Maraun, Stefan Scheu, and Jürgen Homeier
  • Effects of nutrient addition on the productivity of montane forests and implications for the carbon cycle / Jürgen Homeier, Christoph Leuschner, Achim Bräuning, Nixon L. Cumbicus, Dietrich Hertel, Guntars O. Martinson, Susanne Spannl, and Edzo Veldkamp
  • Climate change and its impact on current and future vegetation dynamics and carbon cycling / Brenner Silva, Claudia Dislich, Ingo Voss, Kristin Roos, Renate Scheibe, Peter Vorpahl, Boris Schröder, Andreas Huth, Erwin Beck, and Jörg Bendix
  • Sustainable use of tropical forests : a plea for a landscape view / Thomas Knoke, Baltazar Calvas, Patrick Hildebrandt, Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm, Sven Günter, Nikolai Aguirre, and Reinhard Mosandl
  • Future provisioning services : repasturisation of abandoned pastures, problems, and pasture management / Erwin Beck, Jörg Bendix, Brenner Silva, Rütger Rollenbeck, Lukas Lehnert, Ute Hamer, Karin Potthast, Alexander Tischer, and Kristin Roos
  • Synopsis : towards a sustainable land use portfolio / Erwin Beck and Jörg Bendix
  • Knowledge transfer for conservation and sustainable management of natural resources : a case study from southern Ecuador / Sven Günter, Baltazar Calvas, Thomas Lotz, Jörg Bendix, and Reinhard Mosandl
  • The role of biodiversity research for the local scientific community / Perdita Pohle, Maria Fernanda López, Erwin Beck, and Jörg Bendix.
Bendix, Jörg.
Ecological studies, 0070-8356 ; vol. 221
Ecological studies ; v. 221.

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