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SIKU : knowing our ice : documenting Inuit sea ice knowledge and use / Igor Krupnik ... [et al.], editors.


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Publication date:
Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, c2010.
  • Book
  • xxxi, 501 p. : ill., maps (some col.) ; 24 cm
Title Variation:
Knowing our ice
Documenting Inuit sea ice knowledge and use
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • SIKU : International Polar Year Project #166 (an overview) / Igor Krupnik, Claudio Aporta, and Gita J. Laidler
  • Weather variability and changing sea ice use in Qeqertaq, West Greenland, 1987-2008 / Pierre Taverniers
  • Mapping Inuit sea ice knowledge, use, and change in Nunavut, Canada (Cape Dorset, Igloolik, Pangnirtung) / Gita J. Laidler ... [et al.]
  • "It's cold, but not cold enough" : observing ice and climate change in Gambell, Alaska, in IPY 2007-2008 and beyond / Igor Krupnik, Leonard Apangalook Sr., and Paul Apangalook
  • Sea ice distribution and ice use by indigenous walrus hunters on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska / Marie-Luise Kapsch, Hajo Eicken, and Martin Robards
  • Sila-Inuk : study of the impacts of climate change in Greenland / Lene Kielsen Holm
  • The sea, the land, the coast, and the winds : understanding Inuit sea ice use in context / Claudio Aporta
  • The Igliniit Project : combining Inuit knowledge and geomatics engineering to develop a new observation tool for hunters / Shari Gearheard, Gary Aipellee, and Kyle O'Keefe
  • Assessing the shorefast ice : Iñupiat whaling trails off Barrow, Alaska / Matthew L. Druckenmiller ... [et al.]
  • Creating an online cybercartographic atlas of Inuit sea ice knowledge and use / Peter L. Pulsifer ... [et al.]
  • The power of multiple perspectives : behind the scenes of the Siku-Inuit-Hila Project / Henry P. Huntington, Shari Gearheard, and Lene Kielsen Holm
  • Knowings about Sigu : Kigiqtaamiut hunting as an experiential pedagogy / Josh Wisniewski
  • The ice is always changing : Yup'ik understandings of sea ice, past and present / Ann Fienup-Riordan and Alice Rearden
  • Qanuq ilitaavut : "how we learned what we know" (Wales Inupiaq sea ice dictionary) / Igor Krupnik and Winton (Utuktaaq) Weyapuk Jr.
  • Indigenous knowledge and sea ice science : what can we learn from indigenous ice users? / Hajo Eicken
  • Franz Boas and Inuktitut terminology for ice and snow : from the emergence of the field to the "great Eskimo vocabulary hoax" / Igor Krupnik and Ludger Müller-Wille
  • Inuit sea ice terminology in Nunavut and Nunatsiavut / Alana Johns
  • Two Greenlandic sea ice lists and some considerations regarding Inuit sea ice terms / Nicole Tersis and Pierre Taverniers
  • Partnerships in policy : what lessons can we learn from IPY SIKU? / Anne Henshaw
  • Epilogue : the humanism of sea ice / Michael T. Bravo.
Krupnik, Igor.

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