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Courting justice : ten New Jersey cases that shook the nation / Paul L. Tractenberg, editor ; foreword by Deborah T. Poritz.


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Publication date:
New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2013.
  • Book
  • xi, 268 p. ; 23 cm.
Title Variation:
Ten New Jersey cases that shook the nation
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction / Paul L. Trachtenberg
  • Henningsen v. Bloomfield Motors, Inc. (1960) : promoting product safety by protecting consumers of defective goods / Jay M. Feinman and Caitlin Edwards
  • Marini v. Ireland (1970) : protecting low-income renters by judicial shock therapy / Richard H. Chused
  • Southern Burlington County NAACP v. Township of Mount Laurel (1975) : establishing a right to affordable housing throughout the state by confronting the inequality demon / Robert C. Holmes
  • In Re Karen Ann Quinlan (1976) : establishing a patient's right to die in dignity / Robert S. Olick and Paul W. Armstrong
  • Right To Choose v. Byrne (1982) : establishing a state constitutional right to publicly funded abortions / Louis Raveson
  • State v. Hunt (1982) : protecting privacy from unwarranted searches amid a national roadmap to independent state constitutional rights / Robert F. Williams
  • In The Matter Of Baby M (1988) : reining in surrogate parenting and protecting a child's best interests / Suzanne A. Kim
  • Lehmann v. Toys "R" Us (1993) : protecting employees from sexual harassment and a hostile work environment / Fredric Gross
  • Doe v. Poritz and Megan's law (1995) : the subtle art of judicial deference to the legislature / Ronald K. Chen
  • New Jersey's school funding litigation, Robinson v. Cahill and Abbott v. Burke (2011) : the epitome of the state supreme court as an independent, progressive voice in guaranteeing constitutional rights / Paul L. Tractenberg
  • Conclusion: New Jersey's 1947 constitution and the creation of a modern state supreme court / John B. Wefing.
Tractenberg, Paul L., 1938-
Rivergate regionals.

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