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Mouse models of innate immunity : methods and protocols / edited by Irving C. Allen.



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Publication date:
New York : Humana Press, [2013]
Copyright notice:
  • Book
  • xi, 225 pages : illustrations (some colored) ; 26 cm.
  • Conventional murine gene targeting / Albert G. Zimmermann, Yu Sun
  • Production and characterization of humanized Rag2(-/-)[gamma]c (-/-) mice / Freddy M. Sanchez, German I. Cuadra, Stanton J. Nielsen, Anne Tanner, Bradford K. Berges
  • Isolation, culture, and functional evaluation of bone marrow-derived macrophages / Beckley K. Davis
  • Collecting resident or thioglycollate-elicited peritoneal macrophages / M. Schneider
  • Quantification and visualization of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) from murine bone marrow-derived neutrophils / Linda Vong, Philip M. Sherman, Michael Glogauer
  • Assessment of oxidative metabolism / Emilie Imbeault, Denis Gris
  • Generation and culture of mouse embryonic fibroblasts / Yu Lei
  • Primary ear fibroblast derivation from mice / Chris B. Moore, Irving C. Allen
  • Bone marrow-derived dendritic cells / Kelly Roney
  • Measuring T cell function in innate immune models / Brianne R. Barker
  • Bioassay for the measurement of type-I interferon activity / Douglas G. Widman
  • Safe and effective mouse footpad inoculation / Kristin M. Long, Mark Heise
  • Delayed-type hypersensitivity models in mice / Irving C. Allen
  • Mouse model of Staphylococcus aureus skin infection / Natalia Malachowa, Scott D. Kobayashi, Kevin R. Barughton, Frank R. DeLeo
  • Sepsis induced by cecal ligation and puncture / Haitao Wen
  • Systemic infection of mice with listeria monocytogenes to characterize host immune responses / Nancy Wang, Richard A. Strugnell, Odilia L. Wijburg, Thomas C. Brodnicki
  • Mouse model of invasive fungal infection / Donna M. MacCallum
  • Endotoxin-induced uveitis in rodents / Umesh C. Yadav, Kota V. Ramana
  • Bacteria-mediated acute lung inflammation / Irving C. Allen
  • Intranasal influenza infection of mice and methods to evaluate progression and outcome / Catherine J. Sanders, Brian Johnson, Charles W. Frevert, Paul G. Thomas
  • Dextran sodium sulfate-induced murine inflammatory colitis model / Monika Schneider
  • Bacterial mediated gastrointestinal inflammation / Joshua Uronis, Xiaolun Sun
  • Plasmodium berghei ANKA (PbA) infection of C57BL/6J mice: a model of severe malaria / Marcela Montes Oca, Christian Engwerda, Ashraful Haque
  • Characterization of HIV-1 infection in the humanized Rag2(-/-)[gamma]c (-/-) mouse model / Freddy M. Sanchez, Bradford K. Berges.
Allen, Irving C. (Irving Coy), editor.
Springer Science+Business Media, copyright holder.
Methods in molecular biology, 1064-3745 ; 1031
Springer protocols, 1949-2448
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 1031.
Springer protocols (Series)

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