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Investment law within international law : integrationist perspectives / edited by Freya Baetens.


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Publication date:
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
  • Book
  • lii, 514 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The protection of investments in armed conflicts / Christoph Schreuer
  • The interaction between investment law and the law of armed conflict in the interpretation of full protection and security clauses / Gleider I. Hern√°ndez
  • International criminal responsibility of transnational corporate actors doing business in zones of armed conflict / Philipp Ambach
  • Investment tribunals and human rights treaties : a sociological perspective / Moshe Hirsch
  • The interaction of international investment arbitration and the rights of indigenous peoples / Judith Levine
  • The protection against expropriations in Venezuela : a right to property in theory? / Leonie Timmers
  • International human rights and the interpretation of international investment treaties : constitutional considerations / N. Jansen Calamita
  • International investment agreements and the emerging green economy : rising up to the challenge / Markus W. Gehring and Avidan Kent
  • The role of international investment agreements in fostering sustainable development / Wolfgang Alschner and Elisabeth Tuerk
  • Reservations, corporate social responsibility, and other mechanisms in support of sustainable development in Canada's model foreign investment promotion and protection agreement (FIPA) / Pierre-Olivier Savoie
  • Deciding international investment agreement applicability : the development argument in investment / Diane A. Desierto
  • International investment law and trade : the relationship that never went away / Mary E. Footer
  • Reviewing the administration of domestic regulation in WTO and investment law : the international minimum standard as "one standard to rule them all"? / Anastasios Gourgourinis
  • Are investment treaty standards flexible enough to meet the needs of developing countries? / Ursula Kriebaum
  • Relevance of the host state's development status in investment treaty arbitration / Maria Gritsenko
  • The investment regime under Article 207 of the TFEU : a legal conundrum the scope of "foreign direct investment" and the future of intra-EU BITS / Friedl Weiss and Silke Steiner
  • International investment and the European Union : an uneasy relationship / Thomas Henquet
  • The new EU competence in foreign direct investment and intra-EU investment treaties : does the emperor have new clothes? / Rumiana Yotova
  • International investment dispute settlement in the 21st century : does the preservation of the public interest require an alternative to the arbitral model? / Nicolas Hachez and Jan Wouters
  • Non-investment obligations in investment treaty arbitration : towards a greater role for states? / Vid Prislan
  • Fragmentation, consolidation and the future relationship between international investment law and general international law / Ralph Alexander Lorz.
Baetens, Freya, editor of compilation.

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