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Learning patterns in higher education : dimensions and research perspectives / edited by David Gijbels, Vincent Donche, John T.E. Richardson and Jan D. Vermunt.


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London ; New York : Routledge, 2014.
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  • Book
  • xv, 313 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Students' learning patterns in higher education and beyond: moving forward / D. Gijbels, V. Donche, J. T.E. Richardson & J. D. Vermunt
  • (Dis)similarities in research on learning approaches and learning patterns / G. Vanthournout, V. Donche, D., Gijbels, & P. Van Petegem
  • The dimensionality in student learning patterns in different cultures / J. D. Vermunt, L. Bronkhorst, J.R. Martinez Fernandez
  • Modelling factors for predicting student learning outcomes in higher education / L. Price
  • Exploring the concept of "self-directedness in learning". Theoretical approaches and measurement in adult education literature / I. Raemdonck, C. Meurant, J. Balasse, A. Jacot, & M. Frenay
  • Student teachers' learning patterns in school-based teacher education programmes: the influence of person, context and time
  • Endedijk, V. Donche, I. Oosterheert
  • Achievement goals, approaches to studying and academic attainment / J. T. E. Richardson
  • Learning processes in higher education: providing new insights to understand the effects of motivation and cognition on specific and global measures of achievement / M. De Clercq, B. Galand & M. Frenay
  • University students' achievement goals and approaches to learning in mathematics: a re-analysis investigating "learning patterns" / F. Cano & A.B.G. Berbén
  • Exploring the use of a deep approach to learning with students in the process of learning to teach / C. Evans
  • Understanding differences in student learning and academic achievement in first year higher education: an integrated research perspective / Vincent Donche, Liesje Coertjens, Tine van Daal, Sven De Maeyer, & Peter Van Petegem
  • Challenges in analysing change in students' approaches to learning / S. Lindblom-Ylänne, A. Parpala & L. Postareff
  • Students' approaches to learning in higher education: The interplay between context and student / Eva Kyndt, Filip Dochy & Eduardo Cascallar
  • Do case-based learning environments matter? Research into their effects on students' approaches to learning, motivation and achievement / M. Baeten, K. Struyven, F. Dochy
  • Learning patterns in transition: reflections and prospects.
Gijbels, David.
New perspectives on learning and instruction.

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