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The Oxford handbook of social cognition / edited by Donal E. Carlston.


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Publication date:
New York : Oxford University Press, [2013].
  • Book
  • xvii, 948 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • History and foundations of social cognition
  • On the nature of social cognition : my defining moment / Donal E. Carlston
  • The emergence of social cognition / David L. Hamilton and Donal E. Carlston
  • Measurement and methodology in social cognition : an historical perspective / Alan J. Lambert and Laura Scherer
  • A brief history of theory and research on impression formation / James S. Uleman and Laura M. Kressel
  • Automaticity and control in stereotyping and prejudice : the revolutionary role of social cognition across three decades of research / Margo J. Monteith, Anna Woodcock, and Jill E. Lybarger
  • Attribution as a gateway to social cognition / Glenn D. Reeder
  • Attitudes and social cognition as social psychological siblings / Duane T. Wegener and Richard E. Petty
  • The role of visual imagery in social cognition / Lisa K. Libby and Richard P. Eibach
  • Faces are central to social cognition / Kurt Hugenberg and John Paul Wilson
  • The highs and lows of mental representation : a construal level perspective on the structure of knowledge / SoYon Rim, Yaacov Trope, Nira Liberman, and Oren Shapira
  • Implicit social cognition and mental representation / B. Keith Payne and C. Daryl Cameron
  • Automaticity / Ap Dijksterhuis
  • The role of procedural knowledge in the generalizeability of social behavior / Robert S. Wyer Jr., Hao Shen, and Alison Jing Xu
  • Dual-process theories / Bertram Gawronski and Laura A. Creighton
  • The "cold" and "hot" sides of attention / Daniel Smilek and Alexandra Frischen
  • On misers, managers, and monsters : the social cognition of visual perception / Emily Balcetis and Shana Cole
  • Person memory : past, perspectives, and prospects / John J. Skowronski, Randy J. McCarthy, and Brett M. Wells
  • Judgment and decision making / Leaf Van Boven, Mark Travers, Jacob Westfall, and Gary McClelland
  • Mental simulation : looking back in order to look ahead / Keith D. Markman and Elizabeth A. Dyczewski
  • Thought suppression / Sadia Najmi
  • Moods, emotions, and evaluations as information / Linda M. Isbell and Elicia C. Lair
  • Motivated remembering : remembering as accessibility and accessibility as motivational relevance / Baruch Eitam, David B. Miele, and E. Tory Higgins
  • The mind in motivation : a social cognitive perspective on the role of consciousness in goal pursuit / Melissa Ferguson and Jeremy Cone
  • The social cognition of the self / Allen R. McConnell, Christina M. Brown, and Tonya M. Shoda
  • Cherished memories : autobiographical memory and the self / Denise R. Beike
  • Self-evaluation and self-esteem / Mark R. Leary and Meredith L. Terry
  • Stereotype development and formation / Steven J. Sherman, Jeffrey W. Sherman, Elise J. Percy, and Courtney K. Soderberg
  • Social power and cognition / Ana Guinote
  • Interpersonal cognition : seeking, understanding, and maintaining relationships / Gráinne M. Fitzsimons and Joanna Anderson
  • Group cognition : collective information search and distribution / John M. Levine and Eliot R. Smith
  • Interfacing body, mind, the physical, and social world : socially situated cognition / Gün R. Semin, Margarida V. Garrido, and Tomás Palma
  • Evolutionary social cognition / Steven L. Neuberg, D. Vaughn Becker, and Douglas T. Kenrick
  • Mortal cognition : viewing self and the world from the precipice / Jeff Greenberg, Mark J. Landau, and Jamie Arndt
  • The neuroscience of social cognition / David M. Amodio and Kyle G. Ratner
  • Communication and language use in social cognition / Yoshihisa Kashima and Ying Lan
  • Social cognitive development : learning from others / Gail D. Heyman and Cristine H. Legare
  • Culture and social cognition / Chi-yue Chiu, Sharon S-L. Ng, and Evelyn W-M. Au
  • The person-situation interaction / John F. Kihlstrom
  • Consumer information processing / Frank R. Kardes and Robert S. Wyer Jr
  • Law and social cognition / Barbara A. Spellman and Frederick Schauer
  • "Hot" political cognition : its self-, group-, and system-serving purposes / John T. Jost, Erin P. Hennes, and Howard Lavine
  • Social cognition and health / Shelley E. Taylor
  • Trends in social cognition research / Donal E. Carlston and Erica D. Schneid.
Carlston, Donal E.
Oxford library of psychology.

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