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Introduction to biochemical toxicology / [edited by] Ernest Hodgson, Patricia E. Levi.


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Publication date:
2nd ed. - Norwalk, Conn. : Appleton & Lange, c1994.
  • Book
  • xviii, 588 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Biochemical toxicology: definition and scope / Ernest Hodgson, Patricia E. Levi and Frank E. Guthrie
  • Absorption and distribution / J. Edmond Riviere
  • Pharmacokinetics / Raymond S.H. Yang and Melvin E. Andersen
  • Metabolism of toxicants: phase I reactions / Ernest Hodgson and Patricia E. Levi
  • Metabolism of toxicants: phase II reactions / W.C. Dauterman
  • Physiological (endogenous) factors affecting the metabolism of xenobiotics / Martin J.J. Ronis and Helen C. Cunny
  • Chemical and environmental factors affecting metabolism of xenobiotics / Ernest Hodgson
  • Excretion and elimination of toxicants and their metabolites / H.B. Matthews
  • Comparative toxicology / C.H. Walker
  • Reactive metabolites and toxicity / Patricia E. Levi
  • Molecular biological aspects of toxicology / G. Gordon Gibson
  • Mechanisms of chemically induced injury and cellular protection mechanisms / Donald J. Reed
  • Nutritional factors / William E. Donaldson
  • Toxicant-receptor interactions: fundamental principles / Richard B. Mailman and Cindy P. Lawler.
  • (cont) Effects of toxicants on oxidative phosphorylation and photophosphorylation / Donald E. Moreland
  • Effects of toxicants on nucleic acid and protein metabolism / David J. Holbrook
  • Carcinogenesis / R.C. Smart
  • Biochemical toxicology of the peripheral nervous system / Pierre Morell, Jeffrey F. Goodrum and Thomas W. Bouldin
  • Biochemical toxicology of the central nervous system / Richard Mailman, Cindy P. Lawler and Parthena Martin
  • Hepatotoxicity / Arum P. Kulkarni and Janusz Z. Byczkowski
  • Pulmonary toxicity / Patrick J. Sabourin
  • Biochemical mechanisms of renal toxicity / Joan B. Tarloff and Robin S. Goldstein
  • Cardiovascular toxicity / Daniel Acosta, Alan B. Combs and Kenneth Ramos
  • Adaptation to toxicants / W.C. Dauterman.
Hodgson, Ernest, 1932-
Levi, Patricia E.
Related Work:
Biochemical toxicology.
Available in another form:
Online version: Introduction to biochemical toxicology. 2nd ed. Norwalk, Conn. : Appleton & Lange, c1994 (OCoLC)624328683

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