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The state of education in Nigeria / edited by Prof. Ogo Ibeneme, Prof. Bernard Alumode, Dr. Hogan Usoro.


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Publication date:
Kano : West & Solomon Publishing Coy Ltd., [2012]
  • Book
  • xix, 497 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The state of early childhood care and education in Nigeria / Azuka N. Uduchukwu
  • Nigerian educational standard and the challenge of good governance / Victor Etim Ndum and Dr. Stella-Maris Okey
  • Child abuse and academic performance of children in Nigeria / Mbang Ekong Imona and Helen C. Asita
  • The problems and innovations of education in Nigeria / Chima Theresa Isife and Vera Nneka Ogakwu
  • The state of tertiary education in meeting the needs of the modern Nigeria society / Dr. Nneka G. Nwaka
  • Curriculum innovation and change : a veritable tool for addressing polict issues in education / Veronica Ngozi Duru
  • The state of education in Nigeria : beyond cognitive evaluation in civics education / M.O. Ogunboyede
  • The deplorable state of education in Nigeria / Joy Ngozi Oruwari
  • The state of primary education in Nigeria : past and present / Dr. A.U. Nwanekezi and Dr. Bruno Onyekuru
  • Human resources management practices of secondary school principals in Anambra State / Dr. Joy C. Obunadike and Dr. Isaac N. Nwankwo
  • Integrated Almajiri education in Nigeria : a new hope / Patrick Oladunjoye
  • Juvenile delinquency and moral decadence in Nigerian secondary schools : the way forward / Dr. Joy-Telu Hamilton-Ekeke
  • Teaching profession in Nigeria / Dr. Nwite Onuma
  • Alleviating the challenges of implementing home economics curriculum in the 21st century / Ifeyinwa F. Okoro and Adaku O. Afurobi
  • Science curriculum innovation in Nigeria : challenges and prospects in the 21st century / Rebecca U. Etiubon
  • Education as a precursor to change in Nigeria today / Magdalyn Aboh
  • The state of Nigeria's educational system in a globalising world / Terna Vincent Tavershima
  • Re-orienting primary education in Nigeria through effective instructional development / J.E. Idiaghe
  • Teaching students with learning disabilities in inclusion science and mathematics classroom / P.N. Azubike and A.F. Nnaobi
  • The state of education in Nigeria : counselling perspective / C.Z. Oparah and C.A. Ukoh
  • The state of Igbo as a second language in the minimum standard of the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) for Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) / Christiana Toochi Duruji
  • Employees' attitude towards monetary and non-monetary incentives in public enterprises / Solomon Iheonunekwu, Ndidi Anyatonwu, and Eze Onyenye Rock
  • The implication of teaching practice in teacher education reform / I.A. Msheliza.
Ibeneme, Ogo, editor.
Alumode, Bernard, editor.
Usoro, Hogan Solomon Udo, editor.

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