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Leaping ahead : advances in prosimian biology / Judith Masters, Marco Gamba, Fabien Génin, editors.


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English. Abstracts also in French.
Publication date:
New York : Springer, c2013.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • xxv, 409 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 25 cm.
Title Variation:
Advances in prosimian biology
Outgrowth of the International Prosimian Conference held in July 2007 at Ithala Game Reserve, South Africa. Cf. pref.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • What's in a name? : higher level taxonomy of the prosimian primates / Judith Masters, Marco Gamba, and Fabien Génin
  • Species-level diversity among Malagasy lemurs / Ian Tattersall
  • Strepsirhine divergence dates estimated from mitochondrial gene sequences, and the status of Daubentonia madagascariensis / Daniel Montagnon
  • Organismal biology, molecular systematics, and phylogenetic reconstruction / Jeffrey H. Schwartz
  • Is temporal plasticity in lemurs a strategy for dealing with unpredictable or predictable, seasonal environments? / Deborah J. Curtis and Giuseppe Donati
  • Life history variation in Madagascar's giant extinct lemurs / Laurie R. Godfrey, Gary T. Schwartz, William L. Jungers, Kierstin K. Catlett, Karen E. Samonds, Stephen J. King, Kathleen M. Muldoon, Mitchell T. Irwin, and David A. Burney
  • Population genetics, parasitism, and long-term population dynamics of Microcebus murinus in littoral forest fragments of south-eastern Madagascar / Jörg U. Ganzhorn, Andreas Hapke, Petra Lahann, Brigitte Raharivololona, Jean-Baptiste Ramanamanjato, Ernest Refaly, Jutta Schmid, Julia Schad, and Simone Sommer
  • Range shifts of mouse lemurs in south-eastern Madagascar : evidence from mitochondrial genetic data / Andreas Hapke, Tony B.D. Andrianaivo, Mark Gligor, and Emilienne Razafimahatratra
  • Habitat use by the red slender loris (Loris tardigradus tardigradus) in Masmullah Proposed Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka / Lilia Bernede, Simon K. Bearder, and Asoka Gunawardene
  • Forest fragmentation imperils red slender lorises (Loris tardigradus tardigradus) in south-western Sri Lanka / K. Anne-Isola Nekaris, Sarah M. Jaffe, and Giuseppe Donati
  • Head posture and visual orientation in Loris tardigradus during locomotion on oblique supports / Nancy J. Stevens and Christopher P. Heesy
  • Predation on two lemur species in Sahamalaza Peninsula, north-western Madagascar / Guy Hermas Randriatahina and N. Sylviane M. Volampeno
  • Preliminary results on the behavioral ecology of the hairy-eared dwarf lemur (Allocebus trichotis) in Andasibe, eastern Madagascar / Karla Biebouw
  • Venus in fur : female power in mouse lemurs Microcebus murinus and M. griseorufus / Fabien Génin
  • Group size, composition and stability in a wild population of blue-eyed black lemurs (Eulemur flavifrons) at Ankarafa, Sahamalaza National Park / Guy Hermas Randriatahina and Jean-Jacques Roeder
  • Eviction and troop reconstruction in a single matriline of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) : what happened when "grandmother" died? / Takayo Soma and Naoki Koyama
  • Coprolites associated with Archaeolemur remains in north-western Madagascar suggest dietary diversity and cave use in a subfossil prosimian / Natalie Vasey, David A. Burney, and Laurie R. Godfrey
  • The dental ecology of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) / Frank P. Cuozzo and Michelle L. Sauther
  • Exudates and animal prey characterize slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus, N. coucang and N. javanicus) diet in captivity and after release into the wild / Ulrike Streicher, Angelina Wilson, Rebecca L. Collins, and K. Anne-Isola Nekaris
  • Isotopic variability and lemur diet in a dry Madagascan forest : a cautionary tale / Brooke E. Crowley and Laurie R. Godfrey
  • Variable energetic strategies in disturbed and undisturbed rain forests : Eulemur rubriventer fecal cortisol levels in south-eastern Madagascar / Stacey R. Tecot
  • Photoperiod-related changes in thermoregulatory capacity in gray mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus) / Jérémy Terrien and Fabienne Aujard
  • Spoilt for choice : selection of hibernacula by Cheirogaleus medius / Kathrin H. Dausmann
  • Seasonality and behavioral energy strategies in Microcebus berthae and M. murinus / Melanie Dammhahn and Peter M. Kappeler
  • The ecology of touch : are prosimians special? / Magdalena N. Muchlinski
  • The importance of olfaction for predator detection in spectral tarsiers / Sharon L. Gursky
  • Size of olfactory structures in strepsirhines : ontogenetic and ecological factors / Timothy D. Smith, Laura J. Alport, and Anne M. Burrows
  • The sensory ecology of foraging for animal prey / Björn M. Siemers
  • Evolution of auditory sensitivity among strepsirhine primates / Marissa A. Ramsier
  • Vocalizations of red slender lorises (Loris tardigradus tardigradus) in Masmullah Proposed Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka / Lilia Bernede, Robert Davies, K. Anne-Isola Nekaris, Asoka Gunawardene, and Simon K. Bearder
  • Variation in strepsirhine infant isolation calls and its evolutionary implications / John D. Newman, Catherine D. Depeine, and Michelle L. Becker
  • Primate serenades : call variation, species diversity, and adaptation in nocturnal strepsirhines / Elke Zimmermann
  • Noises in the dark : vocal communication in Lepilemur ruficaudatus and other nocturnal pair-living primates / Claudia Fichtel and Roland Hilgartner
  • Artificial neural networks : a new tool for studying lemur vocal communication / Luca Pozzi, Marco Gamba, and Cristina Giacoma
  • A quantitative description of the vocal types emitted in the indri's song / Viviana Sorrentino, Marco Gamba, and Cristina Giacoma
  • What can virtual vocal tracts tell us about lemur communication? / Marco Gamba, Jules Medard, Haingoson Andriamialison, Gilbert Rakotoarisoa, and Cristina Giacoma
  • Cognitive capacities of captive gray mouse lemurs as evidenced by object manipulation / Alain Schilling
  • Status, distribution, and conservation of slender lorises in India / Honnavalli N. Kumara, Mewa Singh, Mohammed Irfan-Ullah, and Shanthala Kumar
  • Berenty Reserve : past, present, and future / Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony and Alison Jolly
  • Berenty Reserve : interactions among the diurnal lemur species and the gallery forest / Hantanirina Rasamimanana, Josia Razafindramanana, Anne S. Mertl-Millhollen, Kathryn Blumenfeld-Jones, Sahoby Marin Raharison, Donald Raymond Tsaramanana, Voahirana Razoliharisoa, and Laurent Tarnaud
  • Why do some ring-tailed lemurs feeding on Leucaena not suffer from alopecia syndrome? / Vonjy Nirina Andrianome, Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony, and Hantanirina Rasamimanana
  • The impact of alopecia syndrome on female reproductive parameters in ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) in Berenty Reserve, Madagascar / Shinichiro Ichino, Takayo Soma, and Naoki Koyama
  • Conservation of Malagasy prosimians : a view from the great red island / Jonah H. Ratsimbazafy, Summer J. Arrigo-Nelson, Luke Dollar, Christopher M. Holmes, Mitchell T. Irwin, Steig E. Johnson, Nancy J. Stevens, and Patricia C. Wright.
Masters, Judith C.
Gamba, Marco.
Génin, Fabien.
International Prosimian Conference (2007 : Ithala Game Reserve, South Africa)
Developments in primatology : progress and prospects
Developments in primatology.

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