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Bioscience methodologies in physical chemistry : an engineering and molecular approach / edited by Alberto D'Amore, DSc, A. K. Haghi , PhD, Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc.



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Publication date:
1st edition.
Waretown, N.J. : Apple Academic Press, Inc. ; Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 2014.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. The selective alkylarens oxidations with dioxygen in the presence of catalytical systems / L.I. Matienko, L.A. Mosolova, A. D'Amore, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 2. Kinetics and mechanism toluene and cumene oxidation by dioxygen with nickel (II) complexes / L.I. Matienko, L.A. Mosolova, A. D'Amore, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 3. Polymer-based solar cells / A. D'Amore, V. Mottaghitalab, and A.K. Haghi
  • 4. Formation of metal organic frameworks / Alberto D'Amore and A.K. Haghi
  • 5. Quantum and wave characteristics of spatial-energy interactions / G.?. Korablev and G.?. Zaikov
  • 6. Fractal analysis in polycondensation process / G.V. Kozlov, G.B. Shustov, G.E. Zaikov, E.M. Pearce, and G. Kirshenbaum
  • 7. Selection of medical preparations for treating lower parts of the urinary system / Z.G. Kozlova
  • 8. Improvement of the functional properties of lysozyme by interaction with 5-methylresorcinol / E.I. Martirosova and I.G. Plashchina
  • 9. Introductions in culture in vitro rare bulbous plants of the Sochi Black Sea Coast (Scilla, Muscari, Galanthus) / A.O. Matskiv, A.A. Rybalko, and A.E. Rybalko
  • 10. Effect of cobalt content on the corrosion resistance in acid, alkaline and ringer solution of Fe-Co-Zr-Mo-W-B metallic glasses / D. Klimecka-Tatar, G. Pawlowska, R. Orlicki, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 11. The methods of the study the processes of the issue to optical information biological object / U.?. Pleshkova and A.M. Likhter
  • 12. The effect of free radical oxidation on structure and function of plasma fibrin-stabilizing factor / M.A. Rosenfeld, A.V. Bychkova, A.N. Shegolihin, V.B. Leonova, M.I. Biryukova, E.A. Kostanova, S.D. Razumovskii, and M.L. Konstantinova
  • 13. Functioning similarity of physicochemical regulatory system of the lipid peroxidation on the membrane and organ levels / L.N. Shishkina, M.A. Klimovich, and M.V. Kozlov
  • 14. Investigation of tensile strength of three new soft silicone elastomers and comparison with results of previously tested material / W. Wieckiewicz, R. Orlicki, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 15. Analysis of the influence of the earth's electromagnetic radiation on water by electrochemical method / A.A. Artamonov, V.M. Misin, and V.V. Tsetlin
  • 16. Formation of glycoside bonds mechanism of reactions / J.A. Djamanbaev, A. D'Amore, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 17. New additives for burning of the fuels / E. Gigineishvili, L. Asatiani, N. Lekishvili, A. D'Amore, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 18. The changes of dynamic lipid structure of membranes upon the effect of oxazoles in vitro / E.L. Maltseva, V.V. Belov, and N.P. Palmina
  • 19. Magnetic nanoparticles / A.V. Bychkova, M.A. Rosenfeld, V.B. Leonova, O.N. Sorokina, and A.L. Kovarski
  • 20. Heat resistance of copolymers of vinyl acetate as a component of biodegradable materials / E.V. Belova, P.V. Pantyukhov, and V.S. Litvishko
  • 21. Degradation and stabilization of polyvinylchloride, kinetics and mechanism / G.E. Zaikov, M.I. Artsis, L.A. Zimina, and A. D'Amore
  • 22. The influence of UV and visible laser radiation on layered organic-inorganic nanocomposites zinc and copper / V.T. Karpukhin, M.M. Malikov, T.I. Borodina, G.E. Valyano, O.A. Gololobova, and D.A. Strikanov
  • 23. Modeling and optimization of the design parameters scrubber / R.R. Usmanova, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 24. Evaluation of biocompatibility and antibacterial properties of polysulphone/nanosilver composites / M. Ziabka, A. Mertas, W. Krl?, J. Ch?opek, and R. Orlicki
  • 25. The technique of harvesting the cancellous bone from proximal tibia for different applications in maxillofacial surgery / P. Malara
  • 26. Experimental adhesive biomaterial in the development of restorative concept towards the biomimicric dentistry / T. Kupka, R. Orlicki, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 27. Microstructure of dental casting alloy Ni-Cr-Mo (rodent) / A. Korneva, I. Orlicka, K. Sztwiertnia, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 28. Developing the scientific basis for the rational designing devices gas purification / R.R. Usmanova and G.E. Zaikov
  • 29. Synthesis of bioinorganic polymers / V. Kablov, D. Kondrutsky, A. D'Amore, and O. Zineeva
  • 30. Generation of stable macroradicals in lignin on exposure to nitrogen dioxide / E. Ya. Davydov, I.S. Gaponova, A. D'Amore, S.M. Lomakin, G.B. Pariiskii, T.V. Pokholok, and G.E. Zaikov.
Also available in print format.
D'Amore, Alberto, editor.
Zaikov, Gennady E., editor.
Available in another form:
Print version: 9781926895543 (alk. paper)

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