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Fungal enzymes [electronic resource] / editors: Maria de Lourdes T.M. Polizeli, Mahendra Rai.



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Publication date:
Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 2014.
  • Book
  • x, 454 p. : ill. (some col.).
"A science publishers book."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Biotechnological advances in fungal invertases / Marina Kimiko Kadowaki ... [et al.]
  • 2. Application of lignocelulosic residues in the production of cellulase and hemicellulases from fungi / Michele Michelin ... [et al.]
  • 3. Biodegradation of vinasse : fungal lignolytic enzymes and their application in the bioethanol industry / Luiz Fernando R. Ferreira ... [et al.]
  • 4. Proteolytic enzymes : biochemical properties, production and biotechnological application / Fabiana F. Zanoelo, Giovana C. Giannesi and Hamilton Cabral
  • 5. Fungal laccases : structure, function and application / Alessandra Piscitelli ... [et al.]
  • 6. Fungal amylases : applications and functional properties / Tony Marcio da Silva
  • 7. Regulation of plant cell wall degrading enzymes formation in filamentous fungi / Roberto N. Silva
  • 8. Fungal phytases : production, properties and biotechnological application / Alexandre Maller and Simone de Carvalho Peixoto-Nogueira
  • 9. Mannan-degrading enzyme system / Andrezza Furquim da Cruz
  • 10. Ligninolytic enzymes from white-rot fungi and application in the removal of synthetic dyes / Gisele Cristina dos Santos Bazanella ... [et al.]
  • 11. The role of a-glucuronidases in the deconstruction of plant cell wall structure / Antonielle Vieira Monclaro and Edivaldo Ximenes Ferreira Filho
  • 12. Biotechnological applications of lipases in biodiesel production / Antonio Carlos Ferreira Batista ... [et al.]
  • 13. Pectinases produced by microorganisms : properties and applications / Maria de Lourdes Teixeira de Moraes Polizeli ... [et al.]
  • 14. Improving fungal enzyme properties through protein engineering / Lucas Ferreira Ribeiro and Liliane Fraga Costa Ribeiro
  • 15. Genetic tools for production of proteins in fungi / Estela Y. Valencia and Felipe S. Chambergo
  • 16. Lipases : imperative fat-degrading enzymes / Fernanda Dell Antonio Facchini, Marita Gimenez Pereira and Ana Claudia Vici
  • 17. Fungal amylase : production system / Heloiza Ferreira Alves do Prado ... [et al.].
Also available in print edition.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Polizeli, Maria de Lourdes T. M., 1960-
Rai, Mahendra.

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