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Repatriation symposium.


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Tempe, Arizona : Arizona State University, [2012]
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  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • pages [613]-1016 ; 26 cm
Special issue of the Arizona state law journal, volume 44, issue 2 (summer 2012).
  • Introduction: Human rights and the American Indian Repatriation Movement : a manifesto / James Riding In
  • The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act after twenty years : a view from indigenous country / Manley A. Begay, Jr.
  • The history behind the NMAI Act and NAGPRA, 1967-1990 / Roger Buffalohead
  • Debunking the top ten reasons given by scientists to keep dead Indians / Walter Echo-Hawk
  • The landscape and language of indigenous cultural rights / Erin M. Genia
  • Native American Human Rights Acts : a brief account of some ways that native peoples and friends won repatriation and national Indian museum laws / Suzan Shown Harjo
  • Implementation of repatriation law and policies : institutional compliance issues / G. Peter Jemison & Alyson Vivattanapa
  • Indigenous international repatriation / Honor Keeler
  • The Apache and NAGPRA / Steve Titla & Naomi Thurston
  • NAGPRA and the problem of "culturally unidentifiable" remains : the argument for a human rights framework / Rebecca Tsosie
  • Repatriation and the National Museum of the American Indian : reflections on a journey of cultural redemption / W. Richard West, Jr.
  • Finding our way home : achieving policy goals of NAGPRA / Mervin Wright, Jr.
  • NAGPRA at twenty : a report card / Pemina Yellow Bird.
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.
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