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Parasitic nematodes : molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology / edited by Malcolm W. Kennedy and William Harnett.


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Publication date:
2nd ed.
Wallingford, Oxfordshire : CABI Publishing, [2013].
  • Book
  • xxi, 423 pages : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The genome of Pristionchus pacificus and the evolution of parasitism / Ralf J. Sommer & Akira Ogawa
  • Life-history plasticity and responses to host defence / Mark Viney
  • The complex armory of plant-parasitic nematodes / David McK. Bird and Peter M. DiGennaro
  • Innate immunity in Caenorhabditis elegans and other nematodes / Marie-Noëlle Rosso, Nathalie Pujol and Jonathan J. Ewbank
  • Nematodes and regulatory T cells / Katherine A. Smith and Rick M. Maizels
  • The alternatively-activated macrophage / Dominik Rückerl, Stephen Jenkins & Judith E. Allen
  • Regulation of immunity and inflammation following intestinal helminth infection / Matthew Hepworth, Richard K. Grencis and David Artis
  • Influence of nematodes on Mycobacterium tuberculosis and related mycobacteriae : from disease outcome to immune responses / Subash Babu and Thomas B. Nutman
  • Modulation of autoimmune and allergic responses by defined nematode molecules / William Harnett ... [et al.]
  • Genetics and mechanisms of drug resistance in nematodes / Roger Prichard and Anne Lespine
  • Genetics of resistance to hookworm infection / Rupert J. Quinnell and Jerzy M. Behnke
  • Vaccination against filarial nematodes / Sara Lustigman and Thomas R. Klei
  • A vaccine against Haemonchus contortus : current status and future possibilities / David Knox
  • Nematodes and human therapeutic trials / David E. Elliott ... [et al.]
  • Nematode neuropeptide communication systems / Angela Mousley ... [et al.]
  • The Wolbachia bacterial endosymbionts of filarial nematodes / Jeremy M. Foster ... [et al.]
  • The nematode cuticle-synthesis, modification and turnover / Antony P. Page
  • Proteases of nematodes-from free-living to parasite / Collette Britton
  • Nematode allergens / Svenja Steinfelder ... [et al.]
  • The unusual lipid binding proteins of nematodes : NPAS, nemFABPs and FARs / Malcolm W. Kennedy ... [et al.].
Kennedy, M. W. (Malcolm W.)
Harnett, W. (William)
C.A.B. International.

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