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DNA replication : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology / edited by Stephen D. Bell, Marcel Méchali, Melvin L. DePamphilis.


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Publication date:
Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, c2013.
  • Book
  • xiii, 561 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • DNA replications origins / Alan C. Leonard and Marcel Mechali
  • Principles and concepts of DNA replication in prokarya and eukarya / Michael O'Donnell and Bruce Stillman
  • Helicase loading at chromosomal origins of replication / Stephen B. Bell and Jon M. Kaguni
  • Formation of the pre-initiation complex : formation of the active helicase and establishment of replication forks / Seiji Tanaka and Hiroyuki Araki
  • Spatio-temporal organization of replication in bacteria and eukaryotes (nucleoids and nuclei) / Dean Jackson, Xindan Wang, and David Z. Rudner
  • Replication timing / Nicholas Rhind and David M. Gilbert
  • Break-induced replication / Ranjith P. Anand, Susan T. Lovett, and James E. Haber
  • DNA replication control in plants / Maria de la Paz Sanchez ... [et al.]
  • Replication fork dynamics / Karl E. Duderstadt ... [et al.]
  • Replication clamps and clamp loaders / Mark Hedglin, Ravindra Kumar, and Stephen J. Benkovic
  • Okazaki fragment metabolism / Lata Balakrishnan and Robert A. Bambara
  • Chromarin assembly / Genevieve Almouzni and David MacAlpine
  • Sister chromatid cohesion / Jan-Michael Peters and Tomoko Nishiyama
  • Replicative DNA polymerases / Erik Johansson and Nicholas Dixon
  • Translesion DNA polymerases / Myron F. Goodman and Roger Woodgate
  • The mechanism of action of the MCM replicative helicase / Stephen D. Bell and Michael R. Botchan
  • Rescuing stalled or damaged replication forks / Joseph T. P. Yeeles ... [et al.]
  • Replication of telomeres and the regulation of telomerase / Verena Pfeiffer and Joachim Lingneri
  • Genomic instability in cancer / Tarek Abbas, Mignon A. Keaton, and Anindya Dutta
  • Replication proteins and human disease / Andrew Jackson and Ron Laskey
  • Regulating DNA replication in prokarya / Kirsten Skarstad and Tsutomu Katayama
  • Regulation of eukaryotic DNA replication / Khalid Dissiqui, Kin Fan On, and John F.X. Diffley
  • Endroreplication / Norman Zielke, Bruce A. Edgar, and Melvin L. DePamphilis
  • Dormant origins, the licensing checkpoint and the response to replicative stresses / Debbie McIntosh and J. Julian Blow
  • Archaeology of the eukaryotic DNA replication system / Kira S. Makarova and Eugene V. Koonin
  • The replication of human mitochondrial DNA / Ian J. Holt and Aurelio Reyes
  • The parvoviruses : parvovirus diversity and DNA damage responses / Susan F. Cotmore and Peter Tattersall
  • Human papillomavirus infections : warts or cancer? / Louise T. Chow and Thomas R. Broker
  • Adenovirus DNA replication / Rob C. Hoeben and Taco G. Uil
  • Herpes simplex virus : mechanisms of DNA replication / Sandra K. Weller and Donald M. Coen
  • Replication of Epstein-Barr viral DNA / Wolfgang Hammerschmidt and Bill Sugden
  • Poxvirus DNA replication / Bernard Moss.
Bell, Stephen D.
Méchali, Marcel, 1949-
DePamphilis, Melvin L.
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology.

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