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Biblia Sacra polyglotta.


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Uniform Title:
Bible. Polyglot. 1963.
Reprint/reissue date:
Original date:
Graz, Austria, Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, 1963-1965.
  • Book
  • 6 v. illus., fold. maps, fold. plans, port. 38 cm.
At head of title: Brian Walton. Photo-offset, with new t.p., of the 'London Polyglot' edited by B. Walton (and others) and originally printed in London by T. Roycroft in 1654-58, with t.p. date 1657. Cf. Brit. & For Bible Soc. Hist. cat., 1446. Texts in Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, and Syriac; editorial matter in Latin. Vol. 1 includes reproduction of the 1657 added illustrated t.p. with title: S. S. Biblia polyglotta ... Vol. 6, with new pref. by F. Sauer, includes a reprod. of the 1657 general t.p. (Biblia Sacra polyglotta ...), the original pref. by Walton, and the prolegomena to the whole work issued originally in 1657 or 8; followed by the original contents of v. 6 (annotations, indexes, etc.) The pref., etc., represent the revised state found in copies issued in 1660 or later, with a dedication to Charles II.
Walton, Brian, 1600-1661.
Related Work:
Bible. Polyglot. 1657.

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