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Plant meiosis : methods and protocols / edited by Wojciech P. Pawlowski, Mathilde Grelon, Susan Armstrong.



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Publication date:
New York : Humana Press : Springer, c2013.
  • Book
  • xv, 238 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Spreading and fluorescence in situ hybridization of male and female meiocyte chromosomes from Arabidopsis thaliana for cytogenetical analysis / Susan Armstrong
  • Analysis of plant meiotic chromosomes by chromosome painting / Martin A. Lysak and Terezie Mandáková
  • Using sequential fluorescence and genomic in situ hybridization (FISH and GISH) to distinguish the A and C genomes in Brassica napus / Elaine C. Howell and Susan Armstrong
  • Labeling meiotic chromosomes in maize with fluorescence in situ hybridization / Zhi Gao ... [et al.]
  • Examining female meiocytes of maize by confocal microscopy / Philippa Barrell and Ueli Grossniklaus
  • Three-dimensional acrylamide fluorescence in situ hybridization for plant cells / Elizabeth S. Howe, Shaun P. Murphy, and Hank W. Bass
  • Analyzing maize meiotic chromosomes with super-resolution structured illumination microscopy / Chung-Ju Rachel Wang
  • Live imaging of chromosome dynamics / Moira J. Sheehan, R. Kelly Dawe, and Wojciech P. Pawlowski
  • Immunolocalization of meiotic proteins in brassicaceae : method 1 / Liudmila A. Chelysheva, Laurie Grandont, and Mathilde Grelon
  • Immunolocalization of meiotic proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana : method 2 / Susan Armstrong and Kim Osman
  • Immunolocalization protocols for visualizing meiotic proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana : method 3 / Xiaohui Yang, Li Yuan, and Christopher A. Makaroff
  • Time course for the analysis of meiotic progression in Arabidopsis thaliana / Susan Armstrong
  • Analyzing meiotic chromosomes in rice / Zhukuan Cheng
  • Analyzing meiosis in barley / James D. Higgins
  • Preparing SC spreads with RNs for EM analysis / Lorinda K. Anderson and Stephen M. Stack
  • Analysis of the synaptonemal complex in brassica using TEM / Susan Armstrong
  • Preparing thin sections of meiotic nuclei for transmission electron microscopy / Ljudmilla Timofejeva
  • Characterization of meiotic non-crossover molecules from Arabidopsis thaliana Pollen / Hossein Khademian ... [et al.]
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation for studying chromosomal localization of meiotic proteins in maize / Yan He, Gaganpreet Sidhu, and Wojciech P. Pawlowski
  • Analyzing the meiotic transcriptome using isolated meiocytes of Arabidopsis thaliana / Changbin Chen and Ernest F. Retzel
  • Analysis of Meiotic Protein Complexes from arabidopsis and brassica using affinity-based proteomics / Kim Osman ... [et al.]
  • Identifying meiotic mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana / Wayne Crismani and Raphaël Mercier.
Pawlowski, Wojciech P.
Grelon, Mathilde.
Armstrong, Susan.
Methods in Molecular Biology ; 990
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 990.

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