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Defining mathematics education : presidential yearbook selections 1926-2012 : seventy-fifth yearbook / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ; Francis (Skip) Fennell, seventy-fifth yearbook editor ; William R. Speer, general yearbook editor.


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Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2013.
  • Book
  • viii, 410 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
"This seventy-fifth volume will be the last in an illlustrious series. Beginning next year, a new publication titled Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education (APME) will be issued by NCTM to replace the production of annual yearbooks"--P. vii.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • First yearbook (1926). On the foundations of mathematics / Eliakim Hastings Moore ; A general survey of the progress of mathematics in our high schools in the last twenty-five years / David Eugene Smith
  • Thirteenth yearbook (1938). The general nature of the problem ; A description of procedures / Harold P. Fawcett
  • Twenty-first yearbook (1953). Theories of learning related to the field of mathematics / Howard F. Fehr
  • Thirty-first yearbook (1969). The history of mathematics as a teaching tool / Phillip S. Jones
  • Thirty-second yearbook (1970). The goals of history : issues and forces / Phillip S. Jones and Arthur F. Coxford Jr.
  • Thirty-third yearbook (1970). Concepts / Kenneth B. Henderson
  • Thirty-fifth yearbook (1972). Adjustment of instruction (elementary school) / Charlotte Junge
  • Thirty-eighth yearbook (1976). Estimation as part of learning to measure / George W. Bright
  • Forty-second yearbook (1980). Posing problems properly / Thomas Butts
  • Forty-fifth yearbook (1983). Problem solving as a focus : how? when? whose responsibility / Peggy A. House, Martha L. Wallace, and Mary A. Johnson
  • Forty-ninth yearbook (1987). Geometry for calculus readiness / Richard H. Balomenos, Joan Ferrini-Mundy, and Thomas Dick
  • Fiftieth yearbook (1988). Conceptions of school algebra and uses of variables / Zalman Usiskin
  • Fifty-ninth yearbook (1997). Students' voices : African Americans and mathematics / Erica N. Walker and Leah P. McCoy
  • Sixtieth yearbook (1998). What is an algorithm? What is an answer? / Stephen B. Maurer ; Teaching mental algorithms constructively / Alistair McIntosh
  • Sixty-first yearbook (1999). Twenty questions about mathematical reasoning / Lynn Arthur Steen
  • Sixty-fourth yearbook (2002). Using manipulative models to build number sense for addition of fractions / Kathleen Cramer and Apryl Henry ; Examining dimensions of fraction operation sense / DeAnn Huinker
  • Sixty-eighth yearbook (2006). Some important comparisons between statistics and mathematics, and why teachers should care / Allan Rossman, Beth Chance, and Elsa Medina
  • Sixty-ninth yearbook (2007). Examining school mathematics through the lenses of learning and equity / Celia Rousseau Anderson.
This volume features nineteen chapters from previous yearbooks that discuss the critical issues, challenges, and innovations that mathematics educators have faced over the past eight decades. It also lists (p. 5-7) all seventy-five previous NCTM yearbooks including issue number, year of publication, title, and editor.
Fennell, Francis M., 1944-
Speer, William R., 1946-
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
Yearbook ; 75th
Yearbook (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) ; 75th.

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