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War, peace, and human nature : the convergence of evolutionary and cultural views / edited by Douglas P. Fry.



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Publication date:
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.
  • Book
  • xviii, 562 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • War, peace, and human nature : the challenge of scientific objectivity / Douglas P. Fry
  • Evolution and peace : a Janus connection / David P. Barash
  • Conflict and restraint in animal species : implications for war and peace / Hanna Kokko
  • An ethological perspective on war and peace / Peter Verbeek
  • Cooperation, conflict, and niche construction in the genus Homo / Agustín Fuentes
  • Why the legend of the killer ape never dies : the enduring power of cultural beliefs to distort our view of human nature / Robert W. Sussman
  • Pinker's list : exaggerating prehistoric war mortality / R. Brian Ferguson
  • Trends in cooperation and conflict in Native eastern North America / David H. Dye
  • From the peaceful to the warlike : ethnographic and archaeological insights into hunter-gatherer warfare and homicide / Robert L. Kelly
  • The prehistory of warfare : misled by ethnography / Jonathan Haas & Matthew Piscitelli
  • The prehistory of war and peace in Europe and the Near East / R. Brian Ferguson
  • Peaceful foragers : the significance of the Batek and Moriori for the question of innate human violence / Kirk Endicott
  • Social control and conflict management among Australian Aboriginal desert people before and after the advent of alcohol / Robert Tonkinson
  • Aggression and conflict resolution among the nomadic Hadza of Tanzania as compared with their pastoralist neighbors / Marina L. Butovskaya
  • South Indian foragers' conflict management in comparative perspective / Peter M. Gardner
  • The biocultural evolution of conflict resolution between groups / Christopher Boehm
  • The 99 percent : development and socialization within an evolutionary context : growing up to become a "good and useful human being" / Darcia Narvaez
  • Chimpanzees, warfare and the invention of peace / Michael L. Wilson
  • Evolution of primate peace / Frances J. White, Michel T. Waller, & Klaree J. Boose
  • Conflicts in cooperative social interactions in non-human primates / Sarah F. Brosnan
  • Rousseau with a tail : maintaining a tradition of peace among baboons / Robert M. Sapolsky
  • Conflict resolution in non-human primates and human children / Maaike Kempes, Liesbeth Sterck, & B. Orobio de Castro
  • The evolution of agonism : the triumph of restraint in nonhuman and human primates / Douglas P. Fry & Anna Szala
  • Social signaling, conflict management, and the construction of peace / Paul Roscoe
  • The challenge of getting men to kill : a view from military science / Richard J. Hughbank & Dave Grossman
  • Man the singer : song duels as an aggression restraint mechanism for nonkilling conflict management / Joám Evans Pim
  • Cooperation for survival : creating a global peace system / Douglas P. Fry.
Fry, Douglas P., 1953-

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