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Reference frames for applications in geosciences : proccedings [i.e. proceedings] of the Symposium in Marne-La-Vallée, 4-8 October, 2010 / edited by Zuheir Altamimi, Xavier Collilieux.


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Publication date:
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2013.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • xiii, 284 p. : many ill. (partly col.) ; 29 cm.
International conference proceedings.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Theory and Realization of Global Terrestrial Reference Systems. ITRF Combination: Theoretical and Practical Considerations and Lessons from ITRF2008 / Z. Altamimi, X. Collilieux, L. Métivier
  • Distributed Processing for Large Geodetic Solutions / H. Boomkamp
  • Geocenter Variations from Analysis of SLR Data / M. K. Cheng, J. C. Ries, B. D. Tapley
  • External Evaluation of the Origin and Scale of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame / X. Collilieux, Z. Altamimi
  • GRGS Evaluation of ITRF2008, from SLR Data / F. Deleflie ... [et al.]
  • Alternative Definitions of the Terrestrial Reference System and Its Realization in Reference Frames / H. Drewes, D. Angermann, M. Seitz
  • Evaluation of GNSS Monument Stability / R. Haas, S. Bergstrand, W. Lehner
  • Comparison of Realizations of the Terrestrial Reference Frame / C. Ma ... [et al.]
  • The 2010 Reference Edition of the IERS Conventions / G. Petit, B. Luzum
  • Dependence of IGS Products on the ITRF Datum / J. R. Ray, P. Rebischung, R. Schmid
  • Recent Results from the IGS Terrestrial Frame Combinations / P. Rebischung, B. Garayt
  • Local Ties and Co-Location Sites: Some Considerations After the Release of ITRF2008 / P. Sarti, C. Abbondanza, Z. Altamimi
  • Small Trends and Oscillations in the 25 Year ILRS Translations and Scale Time Series / C. Sciarretta, V. Luceri, G. Bianco
  • Accuracy Assessment of the ITRS 2008 Realization of DGFI: DTRF2008 / Manuela Seitz, Detlef Angermann, Hermann Drewes
  • Monitoring Site Stability at the Space Geodesy Facility, Herstmonceux, UK / M. Wilkinson ... [et al.]
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Modelling Standards and Processing Strategies of Space Geodetic Techniques
  • A Priori Gradients in the Analysis of Space Geodetic Observations / J. Böhm ... [et al.]
  • Why Combining at the Observation Level? / D. Gambis ... [et al.]
  • Time-Correlated GPS Noise Dependency on Data Time Period / Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez ... [et al.]
  • GPS-Specific Local Effects at the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell / P. Steigenberger ... [et al.]
  • Definition, Establishment, Maintenance and Integration of Regional Reference Frames. The First Insight into Station Velocities in Republic of Serbia / D. Blagojević, V. Vasilić
  • IAG WG SC1.3 on Regional Dense Velocity Fields: First Results and Steps Ahead / C. Bruyninx ... [et al.]
  • Local Ties at Fundamental Stations / Ulla Kallio, Markku Poutanen
  • Long-Term Stability of the SIRGAS Reference Frame and Episodic Station Movements Caused by the Seismic Activity in the SIRGAS Region / L. Sánchez ... [et al.]
  • Interaction Between the Celestial and the Terrestrial Reference Frames. The Impact of the New IAU Resolutions on ICRF Definition and Realization / N. Capitaine
  • Effects of ICRF2 on the TRF, CRF, and EOP / David Gordon ... [et al.]
  • Systematic Inconsistencies Between VLBI CRF and TRF Solutions Caused by Different Analysis Options / R. Heinkelmann, V. Tesmer
  • The Celestial Reference Frame at X/Ka-band (8.4/32 GHz) / C. S. Jacobs ... [et al.]
  • Systematic Errors of a VLBI Determined TRF Investigated by Simulations / L. Plank ... [et al.]
  • Definition and Establishment of Vertical Reference Systems. Influence of Vertical Datum Inconsistencies on Gravity Field Modelling / Z. Fašková ... [et al.]
  • The Role of a Conventional Transformation Scheme for Vertical Reference Frames / C. Kotsakis
  • Comparison of Latest Global and Regional Gravimetric Geoid Models with GPS/Leveling Geoidal Undulations Over Japan / Y. Kuroishi
  • Creation of Vertical Reference Surfaces at Sea Using Altimetry and GPS / L. Pineau-Guillou, L. Dorst
  • Combined Adjustment of GRACE and Geodetic Observations of Vertical Crustal Motion in the Great Lakes Region / E. Rangelova, M. G. Sideris
  • Some Features of TOPEX/POSEIDON Data Application in Gravimetry / O. Yu. Vinogradova, E. A. Spiridonov
  • Towards the Unification of the Vertical Datum Over the North American Continent / D. A. Smith ... [et al.]
  • Usage and Applications of Reference Frames in Geosciences. Improving SIRGAS Ionospheric Model / C. Brunini ... [et al.]
  • Use of Reference Frames for Interplanetary Navigation at JPL / Michael Heflin ... [et al.]
  • Using Modified Allan Variance for Time Series Analysis / Z. Malkin
  • The Role of the TRS in Precision Agriculture: DGPS with EGNOS and RTK Positioning Using Data from NTRIP Streams / I. Osório, M. Cunha.
Altamimi, Zuheir.
Collilieux, Xavier.
International Association of Geodesy Symposia, 0939-9585 ; 138
International Association of Geodesy symposia ; 138.

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