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Biology and conservation of martens, sables, and fishers : a new synthesis / edited by Keith B. Aubry ... [et al.].



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Publication date:
Ithaca : Comstock Pub. Associates, 2012.
  • Book
  • xxi, 580 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 491-575) and index.
  • Synthesis of Martes evolutionary history / Susan S. Hughes
  • Behind the genes : diversification of North American martens (Martes americana and caurina) / Natalie G. Dawson and Joseph A. Cook
  • Complex host-parasite systems in Martes : implications for conservation biology of endemic faunas / Eric P. Hoberg, Anson V.A. Koehler, and Joseph A. Cook
  • Distribution changes of American martens and fishers in eastern North America, 1699-2001 / William B. Krohn
  • Population biology and matrix demographic modeling of American martens and fishers / Steven W. Buskirk, Jeff Bowman, and Jonathan H. Gilbert
  • Evaluating translocations of martens, sables, and fishers : testing model predictions with field data / Roger A. Powell ... [et al.]
  • Pathogens and parasites of Martes species : management and conservation implications / Mourad W. Gabriel, Greta M. Wengert, and Richard N. Brown
  • Ecophysiology of overwintering in northern Martes species / Anne-Mari Mustonen and Petteri Nieminen
  • Improved insights into use of habitat by American martens / Ian D. Thompson, John Fryxell, and Daniel J. Harrison
  • Habitat ecology of fishers in western North America : a new synthesis / Catherine M. Raley ... [et al.]
  • Habitat ecology of Martes species in Europe : a review of the evidence / Emilio Virgós ... [et al.]
  • Scale dependency of American marten (Martes americana) habitat relations / Andrew J. Shirk ... [et al.]
  • The use of radiotelemetry in research on Martes species : techniques and technologies / Craig M. Thompson ... [et al.]
  • Noninvasive methods for surveying martens, sables, and fishers / Robert A. Long and Paula MacKay
  • Occupancy estimation and modeling in Martes research and monitoring / Keith M. Slauson, James A. Baldwin, and William J. Zielinski
  • Martens and fishers in a changing climate / Joshua J. Lawler, Hugh D. Safford, and Evan H. Girvetz
  • Conservation genetics of the genus Martes : assessing within-species movements, units to conserve, and connectivity across ecological and evolutionary time / Michael K. Schwartz ... [et al.]
  • Use of habitat and viability models in Martes conservation and restoration / Carlos Carroll, Wayne D. Spencer, and Jeffrey C. Lewis
  • Conservation of martens, sables, and fishers in multispecies bioregional assessments / Bruce G. Marcot and Martin G. Raphael
  • A century of change in research and management on the genus martes / Gilbert Proulx and Margarida Santos-Reis.
Aubry, Keith Baker.

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