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Julius K. Nyerere, Africa's titan on a global stage : perspectives from Arusha to Obama / Ali A. Mazrui, Lindah L. Mhando.


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Mazrui, Ali AlʼAmin.
Publication date:
Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2013.
  • Book
  • xxvi, 390 p. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 363-374) and index.
  • Chronology of major events
  • Encounters of the titan: political ideology and personality
  • Introduction / Lindah L. Mhando
  • Post-tribal Nyerere to post-racial Obama?: comparative vision in political leadership / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Nyerere, African politics and I / Ali A. Mazrui
  • The Mwalimu: method and mission / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Political theory and institutions
  • Tanzaphilia: a political diagnosis / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Ujamaa vijijini: geo-political rural development / Lindah L. Mhando
  • Religion, modernity and politics / Lindah L. Mhando
  • Post-Ujamaa: women, patriarchy and economic liberalization / Lindah L. Mhando
  • Tanzania as a case of heroic failure: socialist effort and moral decline / Lindah L. Mhando
  • Polities and political economy in east Africa
  • Five loaves and two fishes: Tanzania, immigration and the refugee crises / Lindah L. Mhando
  • Tanzania versus East Africa: a case of unwitting federal sabotage / Ali A. Mazrui
  • On poets and politicians: Obote's Milton and Nyerere's Shakespeare / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Racial self-reliance and cultural dependency: Nyerere and Amin in comparative perspective / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Between Pan Africanism and prelude to globalization
  • From slave ship to space ship: Africa between marginalization and globalization / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Comparative black leadership: Walter Rodney, Julius K. Nyerere and Martin Luther King, Jr. / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Nationalists and statesmen: from Nkrumah and De Gaulle to Nyerere and Kissinger / Ali A. Mazrui
  • The left and the super-left in Tanzania / Ali A. Mazrui with William Tordoff
  • Socialism as a mode of international protest: the case of Tanzania / Ali A. Mazrui
  • Tanzania today and the road to global world / Lindah L. Mhando
  • Conclusion and postscript / Ali A. Mazrui and Lindah L. Mhando
  • Appendix: the African symbolism of Julius Caesar / Ali A. Mazrui.
Mhando, Lindah.
Carolina Academic Press African world series.

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